So long Young Fives!!

James had such an incredible year at Young Fives preschool!!!  I know it might sound crazy to put so many emotional eggs in a preschool basket, but this experience literally changed our lives.  I volunteered every Wednesday, save a few where John got to go in and volunteer, and we all became so close with the other parents and their kiddos and TEACHER LISSA!!!!!  These are people I want in my life forever!  Seriously, as much as James grew socially–so did I!!

On one of the last days of school, the kids threw a tea party for the work parents.  James wanted to dress extra fancy for it so he picked out THREE ties to wear, a nice collared shirt, some shorts and his sparkly new running shoes.  I will miss this stage for the rest of my existence. 

Each child painted a portrait of their parent who volunteered each week.  I am IN LOVE with James’ portrayal of me!!!

allllll the heart eye emojis^^^^^^^

The kiddos also decorated the tablecloth for the tea party by coloring darling kid art all over the paper.  James takes great pride in his art work and worked on this little image the entire time.  So naturally I had to immortalize it.

Each child brought out a plate of pre-selected cookies for their parent and served them.  I love babies so much!!

James had a crush on a doll named Kyra for most of the year and summoned the courage (because of his dad’s motivational speaking skills) to write her a love note for the last day of school.  He put it in her cubby for her to find later!  She was very flattered and was so so sweet about it, even though she wasn’t ready to commit to marriage yet.  As his mommy, I just wanted to cry because I was so nervous for her reaction to him/it was so flipping cute.  The theme of this stage of motherhood seems to be lots of crying for various reasons.

My Wednesday warriors!!  Loved volunteering with these two powerhouses every Wednesday.  I got so close with Kirsha (left) and Amy (right, and Kyra’s mama) and respect them as mothers and minds so very very much.

Love these incredible people and the memories we all made together this year!!  James will be so much better off having gone through this program to prepare for Kinder.  Hopefully summer won’t make him forget all the valuable social skills he acquired!!

A flying monkey and a munchkin walk into a bar…..

In May the boys were in a church production of The Wizard of Oz and I cryyyyyyyyyyy because it was just the cutest, sweetest thing!!!!  They had weekly rehearsals for a few months and it all really came together in the end and was a fantastic production.  James was a munchkin and Charlie was a flying monkey and the way they committed to their rehearsal schedule and to the cast and vision was just too much wonderful for me to handle.  A sister in our ward has done little productions like this off and on for over 20 years and I’m hoping hoping hoping she will want to do another one soon!  I’m thinking Alice in Wonderland would be a good one!  But I don’t want to suggest it because I don’t want to be put in charge of anything, hahaha.

I was assigned to “choreograph” the flying monkey scene, so I said, “Hey, kiddos!  Go run around and flap your arms on stage and act like monkeys!”  And that was that.  Cutest flying monkeys in all of story land.

The Elders came to the production and afterwards they went around to every kid in the cast (over 30!) and got each one’s autograph.  Is that not the sweetest thing ever?????

While I don’t necessarily want to nurture James’ love for the musical theater world (it was a tough environment for me), I think small church productions and the like are the perfect fit for us right now.  It was just so fun to watch these hams up there!!!!!


Our SoCal trip, Spring 2017

When we headed to San Diego for Jake and Carla’s wedding, we made a quick pit stop in Huntington Beach to hit up the Pier and check out John’s childhood stomping grounds.  My darling high school friend, Crystal, hosted us and she is just a dream and a supermodel and a fantastic person and mother and wife.  It was so fun to see her and have our babies play!  We played around on the pier for a while and went to the glorious Ruby’s Diner that JW both have childhood memories at.  And it was just basically a dream land to all be together in such a cute place.

Then we found John’s old home and elementary school and played on the playground and checked out the farm.  It was very special for the boys and me to catch a glimpse into the cute little mind and life of little JW.

Childhood home of John William ^

Then once we met up with the extended family in San Diego, we all headed to the Zoo together.  Thanks to my mom and dad for helping us make it happen, the boys loved it and it was just the best to all be together.  I sense a theme here—togetherness is the best.

The triplet cousins^^ all born within weeks of each other.

This ^ is pretty much how we all felt by the end of the trip.  We just had a fantastic time.  Especially because of the wedding!!

A little letter to my family:

A Letter to My Family:

Dear John and Babies,

I hope you know I love you with the fiercest, most fiery love possible.  You are perfect to me, in this moment, just as you are.  You might wonder why I’m grumpy towards you so much then.  Because I am human and I am weak and I am tired, even though I try.  And for that I am sorry.  I’m grumpy when I treat things in my life that don’t matter like they are more important than you, like a clean house or getting somewhere on time.  When I remember how precious you are and how blessed I am to have the sweetest family I could ever imagine, I am not grumpy.  I want you to know that I know you try so hard.  You try hard to do what’s right and to make my life easier, even though that is not your job.  James, you helped me with something the other day and I asked, “How did I get so lucky to have you as my son?”  You replied, “Because you are such a beautiful person, so Heavenly Father wanted to send you the best sons.”  If I am a beautiful person, it is because of you all and the love you show me.  I know it is no small thing, the love we share.  It is bigger than a clean house and punctuality.   It is even bigger than my grumpiness, if you can look past it to my mother heart. It is bigger than everything and will last forever.  You are my world.  My wonderful, beautiful, perfect world.  I will love you forever, no matter what, with a perfect, indescribable, inescapable love.  You are all so good and so true.  You are simply beautiful.  Never forget this.  Heavenly Father sent you all to me.


Your wife and mother Jessi

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