Frequently Asked Questions

I want to start a blog–what tips can you give me?

I wrote an all-inclusive post on this subject here.

You say you went to college for relational communication.  Do you have any relationship advice you can give?

I’ve posted about relationship advice here and here and have some ideas for more posts, too.

What is your last name?

You may or may not have noticed that I don’t use last names a ton on my blog. I used to but have tried to edit out any last names I’ve used in the past, just for security reasons now that readership is growing a tad.  If I’m going to plaster my baby’s face all over the web then I want to take as many precautions as possible to keep him safe from wackos.  So I don’t disclose our last name, and am not planning on to.  Isn’t the mystery fun??  I would also invite you to respect our privacy if you do know our last name and not post it in the comments or anything:).

Why don’t you allow comments?

I answered that one –here-.

Do you do your own blog design?

Yes, I do, which is why it changes so much. I’m no graphic designer, though.  I actually do all my blog design in–wait for it–Power Point.  I don’t have Photoshop on my Mac and I prefer to blog from that more than the desktop, so that’s what I get.  I’ve got a nice little system down, though, and can whip out an entire blog design in half a day-ish.  And lucky for me, my taste is much more simple, anyway, so I can pump out a design that I like even though I don’t got no skill.  Aaaand since I do my own design I am super nit-picky about it and end up wanting to change it within a few days.  But I have committed to keep all my new designs up for at least a month.

What kind of stroller do you have?

It’s a Baby Jogger City Select double stroller, and we love it.

How did you lose weight after your pregnancies?

Well, I gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy with James and I was TERRIFIED for the repercussions once it was time to lose the weight.  Turns out, though, that it was extremely easy for me to lose it, at least during the breast feeding months.  I lost 60 pounds within the first 5 months, and the last 10 pounds were a little tougher.  But as long as I focused on portion control then the weight would just melt off.  I gained 55 pounds during my pregnancy with Charlie and it has been WAAAYY harder to get off.  I’m working on my last 15 pounds now through eating whole foods from the earth as much as possible, planning my meals around my veggies, and working out 3-5 times a week.  I am also a huge advocate for WEIGHT WATCHERS and have lost weight with the program in the past (Lifetime Member!).

Where do you shop?

I am a major thrifter, but I also love me some Ross, TJ Maxx, and F21.  And of course I dream about J. Crew and Anthro…  But when I’m out and about and someone approaches me about what I’m wearing, it’s usually always from a thrift store.