About Us

John William is super nerdy which is why we live in Silicon Valley! He’s interested in pretty much all things mechanical engineering and is happy to be working in that field changing the future.  He has a flair for innocent fun and humor and is chalk full of boyish charm.  He loves children and hates the taste of anything from the sea.  He is a family man to the core and dreams of being a high school teacher one day.
Jessi enjoys any type of creativity that contributes to a fun and beautiful life with her family.  She is so happy to be living her dream of being a full time stay at home mom with her three amazing baby boys.  She loves the challenge of living in 900 square feet with a family of five and making those square feet a beautiful home.  She tends dogs, too.
Baby James (aka Biscuit) is the noble leader of his brothers.  He could not be a bigger ham and we adore him for it. He loves Batman, milk, pb&j sandwiches, Harry Potter, Legos and Ghostbusters.  And his mommy.  And Hamilton.  And his brothers, Charlie and August.  And anything that has to do with Jesus.  But most of all, his dad.

Charlie (aka Moose) likes to pretend he is as big as his idol, James.  He copies James in all things.  His tiny little voice is the highest voice you’ve ever heard, which can be the most adorable if he’s caressing your cheek telling you how much he loves you, or the most nerve-grating if he’s whining and demanding to watch a show.  His smile and bright eyes light up an entire room.  He loves dinosaurs, his brothers, his mommy, Little Einsteins, paper airplanes and playing on the playground.  But definitely most of all his dad.        

August (aka Tiny) is perfect in every way.  As in, his screeches and screams are the perfect pitch to grate on your nerves.  He keeps up with his older brothers and can melt your heart with his loves.  He loves bottles of milk (still!), snuggling with mommy, doggies and Moana.  And–you guessed it–his dad.


The most important things to us are each other, our little family, and our faith, which gives eternal meaning to everything else.