JESSENTIALS 2017: Family and Child!

Here is a list of things that our family has loved this year!

Rover App

This has been the most wonderful source of extra spending cash for me!  We have on average two dogs a month and the boys love each one.  I tell people the only thing easier would be if I got paid to watch my own kids.

chart illustrations

This is one of my projects that I am most proud of and felt most inspired to do.  Having a chart full of pictures of what’s expected when has changed the game in our home.  I don’t have to nag, I don’t have to yell, I don’t have to explain–they just refer to their chart to stay on task (specifically for the mornings to get out the door on time for school).

tablet arm for car

This saves us on road trips!

bob books

James learned to read from these and it was the most painless process ever.  Each page built his confidence and now he reads on a second grade level (he’s in Kindergarten).  We will be starting with Charlie soon, too!

sleep sacs

These were the only thing that would keep Auggie in his crib at night.  He’s since grown out of them and doesn’t need them anymore but they were sent straight from God to some exhausted parents!!

fake snowballs

The SINGLE MOST LAUGHING I HAVE EVER DONE IN ONE SITTING!!!!!  These come out regularly at our home.  Such great, spontaneous family fun!!