Headshot Project 2017: November

A headshot and update of each of our boys, each month of the year 2107.

This kid is growing up so fast!  Within the last month his language skillz have exploded and he COULDNOTBEANYFRIGGINCUTER.  It’s seriously exhausting how cute this dude is.  At night he insists on me giving him a blanky and one night he said, “Mom! This blanky is so cute!!”  He also will shoot me big thumbs up occasionally for no reason.  One time at the park he looked over at me and exclaimed, “Looking good, Mom!” and shot me a big old thumbs up.  He also loves to talk about how much he loves dad.  He’s still so little and squishy, but getting so big and independent. This is the best stage everrrrr!!

Mister Charlie boy.  He’s as dreamy and delicious as ever.  He’s getting even more comments about his “Kevin McCallister”-esqueness this time of year, with everyone watch “Home Alone” around the holidays.   He’s so fun.  We were on a little road trip up to Sacramento one weekend and were listening to the School of Rock soundtrack.  The song “Touch Me” by the Doors came on and James asked what the name of the song was.  In the highest, most innocent little Charlie voice, he said, “Um, I think it’s called Touch Me Babe?”  It cracked me up so hard!  This is the best stage everrrrrrrrr!

James is a dream boy, just like his bros.  He’s doing great at school.  His best buddies are Alan and Ali.  They play different things at recess together and James dresses to play the part each day.  He’s really into what he wears, more because he’s always imagining in his head and not so much because he loves fashion.  Except one morning he said to me, “Mom, where is a pom pom hat? I want to look like I’m going tobogganing today.”  So he found a hat and put a scarf and wool sweater on (remember we live in California) and looked in the mirror and said, “Oh, wow. I wasn’t sure the scarf would look good, but I look amazing.”  He was totally serious.  And I am totally and seriously head over heels for this dude. This is the best stage everrrrrrr!