Monthly Headshot Project 2017: October

A head shot and update of each of our boys, each month of 2017

Don’t be fooled by this angelic face–Auggie is officially a bully!  But the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful little bully that ever bullied.  And it’s mainly just because of Darwinism as the youngest of three boys.  He is pretty sassy, though, and we try not to bust up at it.  He loves his crib and getting all cozy in a big blanky.  He’s still completely dedicated to the bottle.  He loves t.v., too.  Basically I’m an awesome mom.  But when his tiny little two year old baby voice sings along to specific theme songs perfectly, you let him watch shows.  He’s getting closer and closer with his brothers and gets sad when they aren’t around.  We went to Disneyland in October and he was pretty nervous about most of the kiddie rides but it was just amazing to see the three boys all together in that magical place.  Also, HALLOWEEN!!!  He was definitely old enough for the fun but not old enough to read too much into the scary costumes, so it was perfect.  Watching him get bigger and bigger is such a joy.

Charlie was an absolute DREAM at Disneyland!!!  My favorite Charlie story every happened at the hotel.  I usually dress in private now that the boys are getting older, but as we were all in the same hotel room I was a little more lax about it.  One time we were getting dressed in our swimsuits for the pool and I was trying to go as fast as I could.  I saw Charlie staring at me, though, but didn’t want to make it a big deal, so I just kept dressing.  Then, out of nowhere, in his precious little high voice he sweetly states, “Mom, you got some cute drinkers.”  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!!!. I love this kid so much!!!!!!!  As we were driving home from Disneyland we asked all the boys what there favorite part was.  Charlie replied, “Oh, just loving people!”  He really is such a little lover!  And of course Halloween was amazing.

James is a total ham and a crack up.  He’s such a good boy who tries so hard to do the right thing.  And he has such amazing faith.  His first instinct is always to pray, especially when he loses a toy, and he always has complete faith that he will find his toy.  And he does!  He’s an amazing oldest brother but of course still gets annoyed at Charlie sometimes.  Charlie always asks James to give him his toys and it drives James bonkers. But they are best friends and are in snuggling on the couch as I’m writing this.  A funny thing James said this month: He was gassy one night (obviously) and ripped a big old toot.  He started laughing so hard and then bust out one of his favorite Hamilton lines,”Mom! My body has chosen which way the wind will blow—NORTH!”  It was just so random and funny, we all busted up.  He’s doing great at school and loves it.  I’m very proud of this little dude.