Autumn Brunch Recipes and Charcuterie Tips? Okay!

Back in September I was asked to host a brunch for the women at my church and now that I’m getting back into blogging after a few years off, I decided I should post about it!  It turned out lovely, even though we almost had to cancel last minute because there was open sewage in my bathroom tub.  Instead, we just never had a lack in conversation starters and all had a good laugh? Sure.  I have true friends, that’s all. And an amazing MIL who was in town and helped me be able to do it!

Here are some tips for throwing a beautiful party: BUY PRETTY LOAVES OF BREAD! I sliced some of them up while the other loaves functioned as decor in a pretty basket and paired them with butter, lemon curd, jams and honey.  Also, BUY GRAPES! they are the most dramatic of the fruits, if you think about it, and function as beauty and taste.  Lastly, BUY THOSE PRETZLE-Y LOOKING PASTRIES FROM COSTCO.  They are gorgeous, just sweet enough, and are friggin’ bomb with lemon curd.

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To make a beautiful charcuterie (cheese platter), the key is variety, color and texture.  Offer at least two types of cheeses (you don’t have to spend a lot of money!) and then do a variety of carbs, like crackers and breadsticks (you can find assorted cracker packs at virtually any grocery store, mine are from Trader Joe’s). Start the board by laying down the cheeses and then fill in with crackers here and there, and then fill in smaller gaps with things like nuts, dried or fresh fruits and lunch meats like salami.  You can also slice up a baguette and add the slices here and there.  The beauty is in the disorder.  For extra drama, add a sprig of fresh rosemary here and there!  It’s all about presentation with charcuteries if you think about it…

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Those pretty jams up there are from the jar.  Don’t kill yourself over making things, people.  I mean, make some stuff, but for heaven’s sake, not jam.

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