Happy Birthday JDubby the Hubby!

John has started a tradition this year where he takes each birthday kid to our family’s favorite place, Foothills Park, for a little mountain man time on their special day.  So we took him there for his birthday today, too!  We were all together in nature and in crisp Autumn air and I couldn’t believe how wonderful it all was–thanks to this wonderful man. I hope, hope, hope each of you has a JW in your life–a man you can trust to be kind and faithful and who you can have fun with and who you just always want to be together with.  Happy birthday to my darling husband!

Believe it or not, James’ face was his choice.  He’s experimenting with expressions lately and I guess he felt like this one deserved some spotlight.

Oh, you don’t have beautifully photogenic charcuterie boards strategically placed and staged up in a mountainous picnic setting?  We don’t usually, either!  But for a special birthday picnic, we bring the photogenic food.

The pie was a gift from Grammy from a local apple farm (Auggie actually stepped in it, full boot submersion, right after I took this picture), but the panzanella recipe is here, and the crusty bread recipe is here

31 years old

Yes, we did a tick check when we got home.

My best guys.  Love all these cool dudes!

Beautiful Foothills Park, in all it’s exclusive-to-Palo-Altans glory.