Family Home Evening Packets: Book of Mormon Stories

This past Sunday in Church I felt impressed to begin focusing on teaching our kids The Book of Mormon scripture stories in chronological order.  I knew this would involve my doodles so I thought I’d be really intentional with all of it and provide Family Home Evening packets for free for anyone who stumbles upon this blog post!  I’ll be adding each week as I create a new packet for the next story, so keep checking back for more FHE ideas and tools!

This packet is really special to me.  I have no doubt it was direct inspiration from a loving Father in Heaven to a mother whose greatest desire is not only to teach her children about Christ, but to teach her children to teach others about Christ as well.  We are hoping these packets assist anyone who has similar desires! Each packet includes an entire outline for your weekly Family Home Evening lesson, including a theme, songs, a scripture story summary, highlighted scripture passages, application ideas, black and white visual aides and even a treat recipe!  I’ve also included a scripture story page for your kids to color and collect, eventually creating their very own illustrated Book of Mormon scripture story book!  We hope these packets bless your family life.  Please share with anyone who you think would benefit from these packets!  The free packets can be downloaded through the links below:

Free Family Home Evening Packets: Book of Mormon Stories

FHE Packet 1 Lehi’s Exodus

FHE Packet 2 Getting the Brass Plates

FHE Packet 3 Adventures in the Wilderness

FHE Packet 4 Vision of the Tree of Life