DiSnEyLaNd!!! picturespicturespictures

Hoooooooooly macaroni, it could not have been a more perfect trip!!!  I’m still high as a kite from it, three whole weeks later.  Taking babies to Disneyland might be what my heaven is like.  I say MY heaven, because I fully understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, haha.  But it is now mine!  And it’s probably all because of the time of year we went.  The first week of October means: NO LINES, AWESOME WEATHER, HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS, NO LINES, NO LINES, NO LINES.  And we were so lucky to have John’s parents and sister come with us!  At the end of the trip James told Grammy, “This was the trip of a lifetime! And it couldn’t have been funner, even if you hadn’t been there!”  We all knew what he meant, hehehe.

This guy made all our dreams come true.

These boys with their Aunt Libby–Oh, how they adore her!!  She was Charlie’s age when I met her…….

Radiator Springs at Halloween makes me do this^^

And makes James do this ^^

They literally got along every single second of the trip.

Auggie was scared of virtually every ride except Small World but he still had a blast!  There’s so much animation everywhere so he was super engaged and entertained the whole time.

This kid.  Oh man.  He was bursting with gratitude every moment.  On the drive home we asked each kid what their favorite part of the trip was and he replied, “Oh, lovin’ people.”  He is simply a sacred little cherub.

After the first ride (the fast Cars ride) James admitted to me, “Mom, when you first told us we were going to Disneyland I wasn’t that excited because I HAD NO IDEA IT WOULD BE SO AMAZING!!!”

We had front row seats to the afternoon parade and Auggie was mesmerized!

When you’re twinning with Pumpkin Mickey^^  Have I mentioned how amazing Disneyland at Halloween time is for little boys??

My little perfects.

Here Auggie is trying to hold back his hair to show off his radical face painting that Grammy got him while the rest of us went on Space Mountain.  James was so brave to go on it but felt a little betrayed since the level of scariness may have been misrepresented to him.

I will never forget the first time I saw Auggie’s profile on the sonogram.  My very favorite profile ever and it just keeps on giving.

We love Grandpa!!

The lines for the photo ops were always so long but we happened to pass Goofy right as he was starting to take photos so we actually got one!!  And now Goofy is our very favorite!

He’s fun.

We went to the Character Breakfast at our hotel on the last morning at the resort and the boys were giddy!  So were the adults, actually, haha.

His face was just funny in this pic.



The breakfast was amazing and so much fun!


We are so grateful for Grandpa and Grammy!!!!!!

Heading back home—It was a vacation for the books!!