Current Affordable Makeup Favs!

I’ve put off this post for too long, hoping to take a decent picture of some of my favorite products.  But I just need to get this on here so I have a place to send all the folks who ask me about this stuff! So for now we will just use this cheesy pic of my face with a bunch of my favorite products on it.  I have 98% drugstore/affordable makeup in my collection, but there are actually a few things that are more of an investment that I do own that do perform wonderfully.  But I don’t recommend them because there are similar products that perform too well for the price for me to not recommend them instead!  The main two products that I invest in that I can’t find anything like are LipSense and WunderBrow.  I also have some Younique concealer for my undereye that I absolutely love but will not be repurchasing because of the price.  So there ya go.  You can find my current list of affordable makeup recommendations below (to print off) and I will try to keep it as up to date as possible as I find new products I love!

>>>> fave makeup picks to print <<<<<

Most of these products are available at any drugstore or Ulta.  The ones with an [*] are ones you’ll want to look on Amazon for.