2017 Headshot Project: September

A headshot and update of each of our babies, each month of the year 2017.

Auggie is getting lippier than ever and I sort of love it.  When I tell him to do something, he slowly walks away from me with his little pointer finger in the air and whispers, “One second, Mom. One sec…”  He also yells, “See ya later, Mom!” as I’m walking away from him in his crib at bedtime.  Speaking of which, I will randomly find him lounging in the bottom bunk bed with a bottle every now and then, just chilling out, thinking about the meaning of life.  He’s also amazing at giving two thumbs up whenever he’s excited.  I love his tiny little thumbs!!  He’s gotten in the habit of calling everyone Grandma…..? And exclaims, “MY HURT!” if he’s scared he’s going to get hurt by something, or when he does get a little hurt.  He’s still a major screecher and loves to practice his screeching at 5:30 in the AM so that we get him a bottle faster.  Basically he’s heaven on earth!

Charlie needs to be famous.  He just does.  It is not fair of me to keep his wonder all to myself.  Everyone deserves to know all that is Charlie Henrie.  I was decorating the front porch for a brunch that I was throwing and I put a few planters of flowers on it.  Charlie ran up to me, embraced me and told me in his high little tender voice, “Mom, flowers don’t make the house pretty…You do.”  He also wrote a song this month called “All Ladies Love Humans” and He just repeats that phrase over and over in different ways.  It’s incredible. He’s just growing up so much, emotionally and socially.  He’s very good at recognizing his feelings and trying really hard to be the master of them.  He’s also so free with genuine compliments and is my most grateful child and the one who apologizes with sincerity the fastest.  There is no one on this good earth like Charlie.

James is doing great in Kindergarten and is basically a teenager in a lot of ways!  He lost another tooth and now has a cute gummy grin.  He’s really into dressing himself and has found a lot of artistic expression through the outfits he chooses.  A lot of the time he will try to recreate school-appropriate outfits that reflect what he plans on playing at recess.  So he’s not “dressing up” but he sort of is, and I love it.  If he could wear superhero costumes to school every day I’d let him!!  Imaginative boys make the world go round.  He seems to be very well liked at school.  He’s creative and friendly, I’m just worried he’ll get a big head on him.  So we’ve had a few talks about not acting like a king and making sure he tries to remember people’s names.  One morning as we were arriving at his classroom, I was a few meters ahead of James and passed a little boy who whispered under his breath, “YES! JAMES IS HERE!”  I asked James if he knew that boy’s name and he didn’t, and that just broke my heart a little.  So hopefully as the year progresses he will really try to help people feel included and important.  He’s the only white kid in his class, which is awesome!