Busy Bubbers: Task illustrations for task and chore charts

Ever since I made a morning chart to help my kids know what I expect of them to be able to get to school on time, they have been able to focus so much more!!  It’s helped our mornings go so much more smoothly that I have also now made charts for afternoon and evening tasks, too.  It really helps cut down the “nagging” or yelling or the kids not knowing what I expect from them.  And if they whinewhinewhine in the afternoons to watch a show, all I have to say is, “Is your chart done?” and that’s all that needs to come from this mama’s mouth!  This has been a game changer!! So I got some additional suggestions from some Instagram friends on other tasks they’d like to include on their own charts, and I’ve whipped up 4 pages of tasks for you to be able to make your charts specific to your and your family’s needs!  I’ve also included clothing drawer labels so your babes can put their own laundry away and a page of blank squares so that if there isn’t a task illustration you need, you can make your own but keep them all uniform.  I printed mine on card stock and will make a page for each for the morning, afternoon and evening task charts.  There are cute sun images to represent each period of the day, and a few illustrations that you can customize for your own schedule (like a blank alarm clock and blank reading and art times, etc.).  Also, there are a few tasks that I should explain: in our house, a “mom job” is required each afternoon.  It’s when the boys initiate and come to me to ask me if there is anything they can help me with.  Also, a “mad dash” is something I grew up doing and we have implemented it in our family culture as well.  It’s when you clean as fast and hard as you can for a really short period of time (like after dinner, for example.)  We will do a mad dash for about 3 minutes once or twice a day to help upkeep our home.  Other than that, everything should be pretty self explanitory!  And I’m happy to add illustrations if you want to DM me on Instagram with more suggestions!  Find the free download links below!






TASK CHART squares