2017 Headshot Project: July

Auggie’s little personality EXPLODED this month!!  He and I flew to Sun Valley just the two of us while John drove the older two and it was so much fun being alone with Auggie at the airport and on the plane.  Although we had some sleep issues and he figured out how to climb out of the pack and play, it was a perfect trip.  We were able to trap him in his bed and once he would finally fall asleep we could make the night work.  He just hates pack and plays!  But he was the star of the show up in Sun Valley.  He really developed there!  He came up to me at one point and said, “Wanna hear joke?” and then just bum splatted right on the spot and it CRACKED me the heck up!  My little clown!  John left a few days before us with James and Charlie to drive back home so we got to hang out with Grammy and Grandpa and Libby all to ourselves and it was magical.  Auggie was able to really connect with each of them and has a strong obsession with Grandpa!  We also were able to go see Despicable Me 3 in the theater and Auggie might as well have been in heaven.  He was SOOOOOOO excited to be there, every once in a while he’d just reach over to the person sitting next to him and squeeze him with gratitude!  It was like he just couldn’t keep it in.  He did suffer from roseola for a week this month but once his fever broke and he got the rash I wasn’t worried anymore.  That high fever before the rash is so scary, though!  And it all really messed with his sleeping habits, so we are feeling pretty desperate in that area.  J0hn has resorted to sleeping on the couch again while Auggie takes over the kingsize with me.  He’s just too big for his little closet crib now and goes ballistic at the slight nudge towards it.  But there was a time this month when he was sleeping and I went and gently kissed his little mouth and he burst into a sleeping smile, so my life is pretty much complete.

Charlie really showed his true colors this month—rainbow!!  He just continually surprises us!  He’s getting so much bigger, physically and emotionally.  There was a morning in Sun Valley where I had ended up sleeping on the stairs outside our bedroom door the night before to catch Auggie in case he climbed out of his bed in the night and wanted to try to wander the house.  I was so groggy on those stairs and even though Charlie and James were up, I couldn’t bring myself to get up and help them with the morning routine.  When they came to me to try to get me to help them, I explained, “You guys, I really need you to take care of each other this morning and be special buddies.  I’m too sick to be able to help you the way you want me to.  So try to help each other, okay?”  They agreed and I was able to nod back off for a little while longer, until I heard some clanking from the kitchen.  Worried it was the boys causing a mess or climbing on the counters, I jumped up and ran down the stairs!  When I turned the corner, I saw that little three year old Charlie had pushed a huge heavy chair over to the counter, gotten down two bowls and the cereal, had gotten the milk out and was getting himself and James breakfast.  I was so grateful for him!!!  We have been working on not using our bodies to show anger (he’s a puncher) and one afternoon in Sun Valley he really showed me he was understanding.  Auggie was getting pretty much everything he wanted and it really started to frustrate Charlie.  Instead of punching Auggie, I saw Charlie turn to a little corner where no one was and he started swinging away at the air!  I thought it was so mature!  There was also a little experience around James’ birthday that shows Charlie’s maturity.  James had a party and had gotten a lot of presents for his birthday and Charlie was getting jealous and grumpy about it and smeared some ketchup over James’ brand new Ghostbusters shirt that he loved so much.  I told Charlie, “Charles!  I’m so disappointed that you chose to be the kind of person who tries to ruin someone’s birthday.”  A few minutes later, I told James I needed him to clean this and that up and, without hesitation, Charlie hopped up and began doing James’ jobs for him.  Once he was finished with James’ jobs he gently exclaimed, “Mom, THAT’S the kind of person I am.”  Lastly, just to finish off this awesome Charlie run, one morning I got out of the shower and was walking around with a towel around myself and Charlie asked me out of nowhere, “So Mom, where are your baby drinkers?”

July was a huge month for this buddy–he turned SIX!!! I love this munchkin so much.  He is the dream big brother and son, truly.  A few nights before his birthday, I went in to kiss him goodnight and he told me, “Mom, I said my personal prayers to not be selfish on my birthday and to have a dream of Jesus.”  And then the morning of his birthday he kept exclaiming, “Is this my real life??? I feel like I need to try to wake myself up!!” John started the tradition of taking each birthday child on  a father-son campout the night before their birthday and James got to be the first one to have his solo campout with Dad.  John said it was an experience he will never forget, and James was talking about it for days afterwards!  Such a special tradition.  John also took James and Charlie on their first big manly road trip to Sun Valley!  Auggie and I flew to meet up with them, but John insisted he drive the older boys.  What should have taken them about 9 hours took them a good 17!  But they had a great time.  James is a great conversationalist and truly cares about others.  One night I went in to check on him and he was still up, couldn’t fall asleep.  I decided to take some time to snuggle with him and as I snuck in his teepee and got comfy, James said, “So how are ya Mom?”  There was a week where Auggie was running a high fever and we ended up in the ER with him.  John took him in and I met him there a little later with the other boys to raise morale. When we got there, Auggie was so happy to see his brothers.  A few minutes in, James proudly announced, “Don’t worry, I tooted so all the germs fainted!”  I guess he thought he’d be helping Auggie get better faster, hahaha!  Oh, James!