Headshot Project 2017: June

Auggie!! He eats dirt and sand like it’s sugar and butter, has his dad’s dimples (they appear high up on his cheeks under his eyes when he smiles, just like JW–he’s our only baby with this) and is just the dreamiest of all the dream boats that ever dreamt.  He got a black eye this month, with none to blame but himself.  I was gone for the night up at girls camp and when John put him in his crib for bed, he threw such a fit that he hit his face on his crib and ended up getting a shiner!  He had also fallen earlier that week and had skinned his knee up pretty bad, so he looked like a mess.  He’s also not sleeping that great anymore, probably because he’s getting too big for his little closet crib.  We talk about getting bunk beds for James and Charlie and moving Auggie to a teepee but he still seems so little to me and I feel like those three being together in one room would just make mornings even more rough than they already are.  But he’s starting to talk like crazy and always exclaims, “DID YOU SEE THAT?!” Whenever he does something he thinks is amazing.

Charlie!! He is at the stage where pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth is hilarious or precious.  He and James were playing monsters in their room and James was the monster and Charlie was the person.  I overheard Charlie play-yelling, “Please!! I’ll be your hungry servant!”  I died.  Then one time, out of nowhere, he tells me, “Mom, you are my true love princess.”  I also heard him yelling in the night one time, “That’s not yours!”  And when he gets grumpy and starts kicking and hitting people out of frustration, he tells me, “Mom, I cant’ control my body, but food helps me to.”  He also has an insatiable love for the show Planet Earth.

James!! He continues to be a noble and true oldest brother and son.  Each week, the boys go to running club where they set a goal to run a certain amount of laps around a little track at a park and if they reach their goal they get a little prize.  James and Charlie had both set a sort of lofty goal and almost decided to throw in the towel.  But James went up to Charlie and said, “Let’s do it together, Charlie.”  And they held hands and ran around the entire track together for their very last, hardest lap.  It sort of changed my life when I saw that.  On June 12, the anniversary of Uncle James’ death, we decided to put up some pretty twinkle lights around the boys’ room in his honor, and we called Grammy to tell her about it.  When we were talking to her and telling her about the lights, James said, “I’m so sorry about Uncle James, Grammy.  We are here to comfort you.”  Another time, I was going to surprise the boys with making cookies or something like that.  I told them, “Boys! I have a surprise for you! We are going to make cookies!”  James replied, “I thought you were going to say we were going to adopt a baby.” Ha!  I mean, John wasn’t even home.  Like I was just going to casually announce it was time to adopt a baby, haha.  Last of all, we were getting ready to go swimming at Aunt Mary’s pool and Charlie was having a bit of a hard time in the “controlling your body” department and ended up throwing a rock at James.  As his consequence we decided that he would have to wait for 10 minutes to get into the pool once we got up to Mary’s.  This upset Charlie and James said, “Mom, can I take some of Charlie’s punishment?  A little rock could never break my love for him.”  And he did take part of his punishment.  He sat on the side of the pool for a few minutes in Charlie’s place while the rest of us swam.