48 pics from Sun Valley!

Auggie and I flew together, just the two of us, and this kid just came to LIFE! It was so much fun seeing his little personality when it’s not eclipsed by two older (louder) brothers.  And his love for airplanes is strong.  It’s so cute! Neither of my other boys have gone through an airplane phase, so this new terrain is exciting. We’ve done superheroes, dinosaurs, hotwheels and LEGOS–and now AIRPLANES!

Saving grace on the plane!!

Didn’t waste any time before getting silly!

The bridge on the way to Sun Valley from SLC.  I remember this bridge from my childhood!!

When Dad is left in charge……

Didn’t come off for the whole trip.

Cutest little hot dog stand!!

So much swimming!!

Auggie and Dad went on a little Dad date.

Perry’s Diner–a MUST!!

Fishing at Penny Lake—a MUST!!

We didn’t quite get the hook out in time from this little buddy and he didn’t make it.  James was a little traumatized and said, “I feel like I’m bleeding, just looking at him…”

We love Penny Lake!!

Baby Huck Fin.

Is there anything more fun than little boys??

Grammy–the best!

Lots of babies ending up in my bed and lots of sleep schedule disruption!  A small price to pay…

John left on the road trip home with James and Charlie a day before Auggie and I flew home and it was so much fun to have Auggie be the star of the show!!  His personality has matured SO MUCH, just within the last week!  He is such a riot and I’m so glad the grandparents got to see it!

Playing is exhausting.  Especially when you don’t sleep at night at all…. Auggie learned how to climb out of his pack and play, so there were many desperate moments in the sleep department.

Like everyone else, Auggie is obsessed with Aunt Libby!

Splash pad fun

Splash pad plotting

John fulfilled a lifelong dream of going on a road trip with his sons.  This picture is from when they left our house to head to Sun Valley and it only took them—19 hours!!

Lapping up every second of Dad time!

the hotel

Our last night in Sun Valley.  It used to be difficult to take small boys to Sun Valley but our babies are finally big enough to really appreciate it and it is so much fun!!!  We are so grateful to be able to do this each summer and for all those who make it possible for us.