So long Young Fives!!

James had such an incredible year at Young Fives preschool!!!  I know it might sound crazy to put so many emotional eggs in a preschool basket, but this experience literally changed our lives.  I volunteered every Wednesday, save a few where John got to go in and volunteer, and we all became so close with the other parents and their kiddos and TEACHER LISSA!!!!!  These are people I want in my life forever!  Seriously, as much as James grew socially–so did I!!

On one of the last days of school, the kids threw a tea party for the work parents.  James wanted to dress extra fancy for it so he picked out THREE ties to wear, a nice collared shirt, some shorts and his sparkly new running shoes.  I will miss this stage for the rest of my existence. 

Each child painted a portrait of their parent who volunteered each week.  I am IN LOVE with James’ portrayal of me!!!

allllll the heart eye emojis^^^^^^^

The kiddos also decorated the tablecloth for the tea party by coloring darling kid art all over the paper.  James takes great pride in his art work and worked on this little image the entire time.  So naturally I had to immortalize it.

Each child brought out a plate of pre-selected cookies for their parent and served them.  I love babies so much!!

James had a crush on a doll named Kyra for most of the year and summoned the courage (because of his dad’s motivational speaking skills) to write her a love note for the last day of school.  He put it in her cubby for her to find later!  She was very flattered and was so so sweet about it, even though she wasn’t ready to commit to marriage yet.  As his mommy, I just wanted to cry because I was so nervous for her reaction to him/it was so flipping cute.  The theme of this stage of motherhood seems to be lots of crying for various reasons.

My Wednesday warriors!!  Loved volunteering with these two powerhouses every Wednesday.  I got so close with Kirsha (left) and Amy (right, and Kyra’s mama) and respect them as mothers and minds so very very much.

Love these incredible people and the memories we all made together this year!!  James will be so much better off having gone through this program to prepare for Kinder.  Hopefully summer won’t make him forget all the valuable social skills he acquired!!