Our SoCal trip, Spring 2017

When we headed to San Diego for Jake and Carla’s wedding, we made a quick pit stop in Huntington Beach to hit up the Pier and check out John’s childhood stomping grounds.  My darling high school friend, Crystal, hosted us and she is just a dream and a supermodel and a fantastic person and mother and wife.  It was so fun to see her and have our babies play!  We played around on the pier for a while and went to the glorious Ruby’s Diner that JW both have childhood memories at.  And it was just basically a dream land to all be together in such a cute place.

Then we found John’s old home and elementary school and played on the playground and checked out the farm.  It was very special for the boys and me to catch a glimpse into the cute little mind and life of little JW.

Childhood home of John William ^

Then once we met up with the extended family in San Diego, we all headed to the Zoo together.  Thanks to my mom and dad for helping us make it happen, the boys loved it and it was just the best to all be together.  I sense a theme here—togetherness is the best.

The triplet cousins^^ all born within weeks of each other.

This ^ is pretty much how we all felt by the end of the trip.  We just had a fantastic time.  Especially because of the wedding!!