Congrats Jake and Carla! Soooo many selfies…

Tears are welling in my eyes just as I THINK about posting about this wonderful weekend!!  There was so much JOY!  So much LOVE! So much TRUTH! So many GIFTS from heaven!  The reception was Saturday night, and the sealing was the following Monday morning.  I love that they did it this way, it made Monday so much less stressful and enjoyable.  We weren’t in any rush afterwards and were able to just enjoy the Temple grounds with family and friends and just take it all in.  These two are such an amazing pair–a scientist and an FBI agent!!  It was so fun to see them together in all their giddiness and to get to know Carla a little better.  She is INCREDIBLE.  So many amazing stories!!  And to think that she finally gets the man she’s been waiting so many years for.  She is the perfect addition to our family and we are so grateful that she waited patiently upon the Lord so that she could find us!  This is exactly what Jake deserves.  And now for too many selfies:

Carla–my new sister!  And a new hero of mine.

My Ellie.

My prince.  It’s worth noting that he is so good at smiling for pictures, it’s a dream come true.

My jokers.  I hope they never change.

James’ best friend/cousin Breezie Bear.  They have a special friendship.  Breezie is perfection.

Weddings always make me fall in love with John all over again.  At my little sister Kelsey’s sealing last year, my grandpa George, who sealed them, said that the Law of Chastity becomes the Law of Cherishing once you are married.  It is so easy to cherish this man.

My she-wolves!  Ellie, Andee and Kelsey—the best women I know.

Aside from this woman, who is the best woman anyone could know.

My Grandpa George.  One of the kings of my heart.

My daddy.  One of the other kings of my heart.

August Jacob with uncle Jacob.  Two special buddies.

Listening to the best speeches I’ve ever heard at a wedding dinner!  Plus a little glimpse at the cuteness of the decor.  It was held in the backyard of some dear friends of Jake and Carla’s and it was so charming.

The San Diego Temple!

I cryyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

I’ve had some mom to mom talks with my mommy about her hopes and dreams for her oldest son as he was going through some difficult times.  Who could have ever thought that reality would surpass those hopes and dreams!  These two have a special bond that I can admit (even though I truly believe I am the favorite child) because I know the special bond I have with my oldest.  There’s just something about the baby who makes you a mama.

The boys played with Uncle Rob outside the temple during the sealing.  Rob forgetting his temple recommend turned out to be such a blessing (Andee, I’m being sarcastic, if you’re reading this).  It was nice to know they were in good, familiar hands, though!  Charlie had over 10 rolly polly bugs in his hands at once at a point.

Cradling their rolly polly bugs like their own flesh and blood.

Auggie had a diaper malfunction quite early on in the experience, so he ran around pantless for most of the time.

Together forever!


Like I said, he’s great at smiling for pictures!

James was very happy to be with his cousins all weekend. (photo by my sister Andee)

A new favorite Temple!!!  Could it be any more gorgeous?  The boys said it looked like Elsa’s ice castle.  I’ll never forget this wonderful wedding!!  One of my favorite parts was when Jake quoted One Heart from West Side Story in his speech for Carla.  Here are the lyrics he read, and I’ll always think of this song as special now:

Make of our lives one life
Day after day one life
Now it begins, now we start
One hand, one heart
Even death won’t part us now