A flying monkey and a munchkin walk into a bar…..

In May the boys were in a church production of The Wizard of Oz and I cryyyyyyyyyyy because it was just the cutest, sweetest thing!!!!  They had weekly rehearsals for a few months and it all really came together in the end and was a fantastic production.  James was a munchkin and Charlie was a flying monkey and the way they committed to their rehearsal schedule and to the cast and vision was just too much wonderful for me to handle.  A sister in our ward has done little productions like this off and on for over 20 years and I’m hoping hoping hoping she will want to do another one soon!  I’m thinking Alice in Wonderland would be a good one!  But I don’t want to suggest it because I don’t want to be put in charge of anything, hahaha.

I was assigned to “choreograph” the flying monkey scene, so I said, “Hey, kiddos!  Go run around and flap your arms on stage and act like monkeys!”  And that was that.  Cutest flying monkeys in all of story land.

The Elders came to the production and afterwards they went around to every kid in the cast (over 30!) and got each one’s autograph.  Is that not the sweetest thing ever?????

While I don’t necessarily want to nurture James’ love for the musical theater world (it was a tough environment for me), I think small church productions and the like are the perfect fit for us right now.  It was just so fun to watch these hams up there!!!!!