Headshot project 2017: March

Auggie continues to grow and develop and there is just nothing better than this stage!!! 18 months is just the best. When we ask how he’s doing he responds, “GREAT!’ and he can repeat pretty much anything we tell him to.  He says ‘I love you,’ knows each of our names (Taw-yee is Charlie and Day Day is JJ), and even knows how to manipulate me into stretching out bedtime by puckering up and asking for smooches when he’s already in his crib. For a while there he would follow me around everywhere with his forehead connected to the back of my legs—-you could say he has healthy attachment, I guess.

Sweet little Charlie. He’s just full of passion.  When we were in the doc office for flu shots, there was zippo drama about getting the shot himself but when he thought he lost his happy meal toy, he went ballistic!  Turns out it was in his hand and he went from scream-crying to “Oh, haha!” in 0.00000001 seconds and we all had a good chuckle.  He and James have major anxiety if they don’t get to say their goodbyes at drop off.  One morning James’ class went in to rug time while Charlie was playing on the playground and when he realized James had left without a goodbye, Charlie ran into James’ in a very vocal panic with tears welling up.  He yelled in front of the whole class, “James! Huggies/kissies!!”  James hopped right up, ran to Charlie and embraced him and planted a big ol’ lip kiss on his little brother in front of the whole class without a blip of hesitation.  Everyone thought it was adorable.  Another cute story: I had a Nordstrom gift card and had my heart set on some blue Converse hightop shoes.  I decided to try the Rack first to get more for my money and set Charlie loose in the shoe section with the instructions to “go find some cute shoes for Mommy!” mainly just to give him a project to keep him out of my hair.  Well, not three minutes later, I hear Charlie come running up an isle yelling, “Mommy!!  How do you like these??”  And in his hands was a box of blue converse hightops in my exact size!!  He had no idea that’s exactly what I was wanting!!!  So I bought them and they are extra special to me now.  He has also figured out how to manipulate me into giving him what he wants my saying, “Mom!!  You’re a genius!!”  And then telling me his idea in the form of it being MY genius idea.  He’s a smarty, that one!  And lastly, he has gotten into saying, ‘Mom, you hurt my feelings” everytime he gets in trouble.  Well one time he got a doozy of a sad consequence and exclaimed through tears, “MOM, you are hurting my life!” 

James, I feel, will just always be my little therapist.  He’s been testing me lately, yes, but our hearts are just connected in a way that I can’t describe.  I love all my babies equally and fully and unconditionally, but there is just something about the baby who makes you a mommy that tethers your souls together, for better or worse.  Anyhoo–JAMES!!  He’s so fun.  There’s been a little friend drama this month, though.  But I feel like he handled it well.  The main thing I’m trying to get him to learn is to invest in people who invest in you and to not try to impress people who are just hard to impress.  There are a lot of kids who show James they love him and want to play with him but he gravitates towards kids who act like they are too cool for him!  Then his feelings get hurt and he wonders what’s wrong with him, yada yada.  We are teaching him, though.  But on one occasion we were at the park with some friends from church and two boys from James’ primary class were there.  These two boys are best friends (let’s call them Tommy and Steven) and Tommy has shown a lot of interest in trying to include James in their friendship circle.  Well, Steven has felt threatened by James and has expressed that he doesn’t want to be friends.  It was particularly evident at the park this one day.  Before we were getting ready to leave, James came up to me and said, “Mom, Steven said he doesn’t want to be my friend.”  He seemed upset and I immediately jumped into the whole “he’s missing out then/we don’t need to be friends with people who aren’t inclusive/let’s focus on friendships that are nice” shpeel before I really got many details.  I didn’t feel like any of it was sinking in with him, so I  said, “Let’s talk to Dad about it when he gets home, he always has good ideas.”  Then James said in a semi-confused tone, “How about I just talk to Steven about it?”  Thank you Young Fives!!  And would you know it, he did and they are great little buddies now!  There was also a time when Charlie was trying to play legos with James but accidentally ended up messing up James’ creation by cleaning it up, thinking he was helping.  James took a big breath and spoke very kindly to Charlie about it and later told me, “I wanted to show Charlie he is more important to me than legos.”  And then after we all got the flu shot, Auggie was crying pretty hard and James whispered to him, “My heart is suffering with yours, Auggie!” I mean, seriously, people!!!!  Is this kid for real??