Easter bonnets and such.

Easter 2017 was our most meaningful yet as a little family!  I found this download^ online and it came with an outline of everything the Savior did each day of Holy Week, with songs, pictures and scriptures and a little activity to go with each day.  It made it so easy to really capture the true spirit of Easter and to teach it to tiny babies.  I didn’t do everything exactly as was written, but it definitely inspired me to make a point each day of Holy Week to focus on the Savior and his last week on earth.  Then for each frame up there on the printout, James and Charlie drew a picture of what Jesus did each day.  To be honest, I’ve never had such a spiritual Holy Week!

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  John and I took the boys to a little donkey farm in our neighborhood after church and it could not have registered with these little babies more!  They kept saying things like, “I bet the donkey Jesus rode looked like that one!”  I will never look at donkeys the same.

Then, on Good Friday, we took the boys to a “Stations of the Cross” exhibit at a friend’s church.  It was very focused on the crucifixion and very vague on the blessings of Jesus’ resurrection, but because of what I know through the Restored Gospel, I was able to read between the lines and feel the Spirit and beauty of the sacrifice that Christ made.  It was hard for the babies to witness, though.  At one point, Charlie tugged on my shirt and said, “Mom, look how sad my face is.  I don’t want Jesus to die.”  I’m so grateful I could teach my little baby what happened, why it happened, and what blessings come because of it.  It was a beautiful, very impactful exhibit, though.

Auggie could not be any more wonderful than he is currently.

JW’s traditional Aebelskiver, or “Easter-skiver” feast that he makes for us every Easter!

We recycled the boys’ wedding outfits from Tanner and Misa’s wedding a few years ago–just passed each one down a babe, then dressed James in clothes he already had to match the little brothers.  Gotta get the most out of the cute once-a-year outfits they have, right??  This is what they wore to the ward egg hunt and they definitely got a lot of attention for their cuteness.  I will always remember these three prefect boys as they are right now.

I promise we love John, hahaha!


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