Busy Bubbers Series: General Conference Collection!

I’ve been making Gospel-related illustrations for my babies over the past few years (you might recall these) and thought I’d share with you my {almost} entire collection for your General-Conference-with-babies needs!  Below I have included 20 Gospel topic illustrations, 10 Gospel Bingo cards and a few coloring pages.  These would all be great for anything that has to do with Church, not just Conference Weekend!  I like to cut out some Gospel topic illustrations and put them on jars filled with different treats/listening incentives and then every time a baby hears that topic in a talk they get to get one treat out of that specific jar.  You could also do memory games, flash card games, charade games, and anything else you can thing of.  I’ll be adding to this post as the years go on and as the babies grow older, so keep checking back each year around Conference if you’re in need of ideas!  Please share with your friends and use for whatever you’d like!


gospel topics images 1

gospel topics images 2

gospel topics images 3

gospel topics images 4

gospel topics images 5

bingo sheet 1

bingo sheet 2

bingo sheet 3

bingo sheet 4

bingo sheet 5

bingo sheet 6

bingo sheet 7

bingo sheet 8

bingo sheet 9

bingo sheet 10

friendship coloring page 

Jesus Christ coloring page

Jesus Christ coloring page

Oakland Temple coloring page