Scenes from Christmas 2016 and our winter break!

Didn’t want to not record the wonderful Christmas and winter break we had in 2016!  We were all throwing up on Christmas Eve Eve but managed to be feeling good enough to have some stew for a fancy Christmas Eve dinner and JW’s annual Christmas Light Show.  Auggie ended up throwing up again on Christmas evening but we were all better by the time we headed to Utah that following Tuesday.  Only to be met by the stomach flu that everyone else had!  Luckily we never caught it until a few days after we got home.  THAT was rough.  But we LOVED having Christmas in California on our own for the first time!  It was so nice to be together with just our little family and then to head to Utah after the celebrations and not have to worry about lugging tons of gifts home, etc.  It was the best of both worlds.  I don’t know what got into them, but James and Charlie were the most angelic they have EVER been that first week of our trip.  They made me look amazing, and I loved it.  I was able to trick Erin into thinking I have some degree of control over them, ha!  Then the last few days they acted normal and my cover was blown, hehehe. But the three boys together are quite the show and I have a blast dragging them all around together and getting the comments.  They really are just hilarious, and I’m sure I look hilarious myself as I try to herd the cats.

Charlie was a part of the light show ^

Santy’s delivery! ^

Christmas morning genuine reactions! ^

Oh, the gratitude!! ^

Christmas morning at church.  We just had Sacrament Meeting but at one point James exclaimed, for all the surrounding pews to hear, “CAN WE THE HECK LEAVE ALREADY??”  I can’t believe we expected tiny babies to sit through CHURCH when they knew there were new toys just waiting for them at home!

Our Christmas Eve dinner spread ^

All the Christmas Eve barfers ^

James playing with Uncle Jake on the computer in Utah, I thought this was a cute capture ^

Tons of adorable snow photos and memories made!!  Thank you, Utah!

A hot hub ^

The boys with Grammy Great and Grandpa Bob, we adore them! ^

Christmas with three boys could not be more fun!!!