Pic overload from the past while ….

James on a fall morning^

7 year anniversary date^

Morning snugs with my bugs ^

Right before we surprised my mom on her doorstep for her 60th birthday! ^

Celebrating our anniversary with an overnight getaway at the Google apartment–BABY FREE!! ^

Gramma Jac and her Blessing ^

Life is just wonderful^

Best frenemies ^

I randomly overheard James tell a very inappropriate joke in his primary class one Sunday and pulled him out of class and made him go to Relief Society with me as punishment and he fell right asleep ^

We are able to go on regular date nights now and LIFE IS AMAZING. We have a bunch of photos on California Ave for each date we go on there. ^

At the Google protest against Trump’s imegration ban, Uncle Matty came too ^

Never stop imagining, James ^

Found this scene one day, it’s James on the left, Charlie in the middle and Auggie on the end ^

My first favorite profile

No cavities and a non-baby Auggie! ^

At James’ Lunar New Year celebration at Young Fives, it was so fun! ^

My heaven boy^

James is learning to read and he finished the first Bob Book set all  by himself–JW had the great idea of throwing him a party for it^

Valentine’s Day brothers^

Happy little Charlie, never grow up ^

When he is sweet, there is NOTHING sweeter on this good earth! ^

Auggie at 18 months, 15% for weight at almost 22 lbs, 5% for height—just as squatty as my other two!!^


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