Headshot Project 2017: February

You better believe this pic is my current wallpaper.  In other news: AUGGIE IS A WALKER!  Finally, at just two weeks before 18 months old.  He caught on quite quickly once he finally committed.  And he is EVERYWHERE.  Going to the park with my girlfriends is no longer an easy outing.  I’m following this little daredevil around the entire time.  He is just busy busy busy!  Sacrament meeting is one of my offerings to the Lord because it is NOT easy for us.  But man, these three boys are so fun and cute together.  Auggie is talking a ton, even though he finds it much more efficient to just screech (still!) until we figure out what he wants, but he has a ton of words.  It is still just as thrilling this time around as it was the first two times our babies started talking.  And it’s also been confirmed again that the 18 month mark is HUGE for our family’s stress levels.  The first year and a half is so wonderful and special, but once they are 18 months it’s sort of just FUN.  Because NURSERY, among other things.  We actually sent Auggie to nursery a few weeks early because #threehoursofchurch and he’s done great.  It’s a whole new world!  A dazzling place I never knew, for sure.  He’s got crazy amazing curls and pulls the hammy squishy grin pictured when his brothers ask him, “How do you get out of jail, Gugs?”  His screeching levels are really stressing me out, though.  Like, reeeeaaaaaalllly stressing me out.  But I love him.

Charlie is seriously perfect, except this last week as been ROUGH.  I went on a girls trip and re-entry into authority around these parts has been hard.  I think I might have to get my squirt gun out again and squirt babies who sass and boss again.  I thought we were past this, but we’ll make it through.  He was just seriously the most angelic kid on the planet before I left on my trip.  At one point, Matt George told me he wanted Liam to be just like Charlie when he got bigger.  So sweet.  But he’ll adjust again and we’ll make it.  He has been full of cute little Charlieisms this month, but I wasn’t great at writing them down so I could post them here.  And they were the more subtle type quirks that can all basically be classified under the “you-are-the-cutest-three-year-old-on-the-planet” umbrella.  He did say a cute little funny thing that I did write down–we were driving and he was talkingtalkingtalking as usual when all the sudden he got a little quite and looked a little nervous.  He said, “Mom? remember when I threw up by you?  Well, my sickness has returned…”  He was fine, just a tad carsick, hehehehe.

James is the most sensitive, deep-thinking kid I know.  It’s something I need to be very prayerful and deliberate with as I parent him.  If he gets in trouble for anything he takes it very personally and thinks he’s a horrible person for making a little mistake.  We are trying really hard to teach him the way he needs, which involves me apologizing a LOT.  He really tries to be good all the time, anyway, but once in a while he is sneaky-mean to Charlie and it sends me over the edge.  It just seems so out of character for him and his Jesus-obsessed personality.  Then other days he will be the most affectionate, selfless brother you can imagine.  He’s not the type of kid I can react to, I guess.  I really need to bridal my patience and comments so that I don’t rip his dreams of pleasing me out of his heart .   The other week we were chatting on the couch and it somehow came out that James feels that whenever I’m grumpy or stressed it’s because I don’t like him.  This made me want to throw up because I realized that every time he frantically tried to help me and do nice things for me when I was grumpy was not him trying to help me feel better, but him trying to earn my love back.  Most shameful mother moment so far, let me tell you.  We just want to give him our best, so we think about how to approach his personality a lot.  But he’s also just SO.MUCH.FUN!  He’s got a great sense of humor and loves me more than anything else.  His friendship means the world to me.  He’s tender and thoughtful with me and is so merciful with me when I’m grumpy.  He’s also so nice at school.  A mom to a classmate of James came up to me one morning and said, “I just have to tell you something.  The other day Kyra wasn’t feeling well at school and decided to sit down and rest in the play kitchen.  She came home that day and said to me, ‘Mom, James was the only one who came over to me and said he was sorry I wasn’t feeling well and asked if I was okay.'”  That same day I saw a little girl tumble off her bike at recess (a little over-dramatically, she was totally fine) and James jumped off his bike and ran over to her to see if she was okay.  He was the only one who did that, too.  Notice how both of the kids he showed concern for were girls?  That’s John’s doing.  These boys have a good dad, no doubt about it.  Another time at recess, James started coughing and was very obviously not feeling well.  One of his friends started yelling, “James is sick! James is sick!  Run away!!”  I hung back a moment to see how James would respond to this, thinking it was a very legitimate reason to become upset over, but what did he do?  Instead of letting his feelings get hurt or getting embarrassed, he started zombie-walking towards his friends who had run off and moaned, “I’m going to get yooooouuuuuuuuuuu….”  I was so proud!!  Lastly, my favorite thing James said this month comes in a little story.  We had Uncle Matt and Aunt Meredith over for dinner one night and were talking about their dog, Dasha.  Charlie kept referring to the female dog as “he” because he refers to every gender as “he.”  We kept telling Charlie, “Char, Dasha is a girl, so it’s a “she” not a “he.”  James seemed a little confused and asked, “Wait, Dasha is a girl dog?”  I thought boy dogs were called “dogs” and girl dogs were called…… what’s that word again?”  And all the adults’ eyes started getting huge and worried….. James continued, “Oh yeah, I thought girl dogs were called…….cats.”  NOT what we thought he was gonna say!!