2016 Headshot Project: December

A headshot and update of each of our babies, each month of the year 2016.

Auggie could not have been cuter this month! He’s really turning a page in his development and is actually turning into a little toddler now, even though he STILL isn’t even walking.  He much prefers to be carried around like a sultan. He turned 16 months on Christmas Eve!  He nods if you ask him questions, even though he doesn’t really understand what you’re asking.  He points to communicate and I maintain that there is nothing cuter in the world than a chubby little Bugle finger poking out of a chubby little hand in the direction of something specific. He’s getting more used to the idea of playing with his brothers instead of always wanting mommy alone time.  He does the most amazing squish face smile when he’s feeling really satisfied with his cuteness, which isn’t nearly enough because it’s a rare treat to catch him doing it.  He’s pretty consistent at puckering up his juicers and giving kisses, so that’s amazing.  We try to make him love it by throwing a huge clappy celebration after every time he does it so he does it more often.  It’s so cute to see the boys do this with him.  He got the stomach flu the week before christmas and it was so sad.  We all got it, but he got it first and got better last.  I love our nightly ritual of snuggles while he drinks a bottle (and while I watch Netflix…) and then going around the room and saying goodnight to things like shoes, jewelry, hats, lights, blankets, doors and hooks on the wall by patting each thing a few times.  Auggie just remains a joy.

This picture of Charlie is extra special to me for some reason.  I feel like it really depicts his innocence and gratitude or something.  Anyway, December was chalk full of hilarious Charlisms.  One time he woke up really groggy from a nap and came into me and immediately asked, “Mom, will you get me a banana in case I need a banana?”  He remains addicted to sugar.  Another time, he woke up from a nap and came running out all frantic and exclaimed, “Mom! I can’t find the bag of candy I hide in my pillowcase!”  I had no idea he hid a bag of candy in his pillowcase.  James must’ve discovered it because it went missing, never to be found again!  We made wookie gingerbread cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and left the plate of cookies with a glass of milk in the boys’ room so that they could guarantee Santy coming in to check on them while they slept.  After John and I had set up Santa’s deliveries, we went to check in on the boys ourselves before we called it a night.  They were soundly sleeping with little smiles on their innocent little faces.  Then we noticed that every single head of the wookie gingerbread cookies was bitten off!  Charlie just couldn’t handle those cookies being so close to him without him getting to eat any of them!  Thinking about his little thought process cracks me the heck up.  It really was a magical Christmas, Charlie is right at the age where he really understands it and dives into the excitement.  I can’t believe next Christmas Auggie will be two and a half years old!

James, too, is friggin hilarious lately.  I don’t even know where to begin!  Christmas really was magical with the three boys, I just can’t explain it adequately.  After Christmas we headed to Utah for a few weeks and to celebrate a few more family Christmas parties there.  At one of them James was talking to his three-year old cousin, Jack, all about what he got for Christmas.  He was going on and on and then all of the sudden he caught himself and considerately asked, “Wait, do you celebrate Christmas?”  SUCH a Silicon Valley kid, that one!  On Christmas Day we had a church at 1:00, just for Sacrament meeting.  It was a lovely Christmas program, but James had just had the best morning of his life full of opening tons of toys he wanted to be playing with, so at one point he exclaimed, “CAN WE THE HECK LEAVE ALREADY??” I definitely didn’t blame him for feeling that way, poor kid.  I mean how could we actually expect him to sit through church when all those things were waiting for him at home? This Christmas break was the vacation of Breezy Bear for James.  Breezy is his cousin/best friend and they pretty much fell madly in love this break.  They kept asking us if they could get married, and at one point James even made a grand gesture of getting on one knee, holding up a ring to her and proposing in front of the whole rest of the family!  We kept having to explain that cousins don’t get married but that they could still be best friends.  As we were leaving a family get together, we had to practically pull James away from Breezy.  Finally he surrendered and yelled across the room to her in one breath, “Bye Breezy! I love you and I wish I could marry you but we’re cousins so we can’t but we are best friends so that’s great!”  Other things I want to remember from this month: James taught himself how to snap and it is the cutest little tap of a sound when that finger hits his palm.  I never knew a snap could be so magical to listen to!  He’s also learning to read and really loving it and he always ALWAYS asks, “Wanna hear a funny joke?”  He also slept over in my room with me a few nights, just cause.  It was special to me.