2016 Headshot Project: November

A headshot and update of each of our babies every month of the year 2016.

This may or may not be the best time to write up this summary because my kids are literally driving me crazy right now so this post might not have the most endearing voice.  But that’s life, so here it is!

Auggie has discovered a new talent for screeching at the top of his lungs to communicate!  As in, ANY time he wants to communicate!  Particularly when he wants a bottle in his car seat or when either of his brothers looks at him sideways.  It goes without saying, then, that if either of his brothers tries to show him any kind of physical affection (it’s not like boys are physical, though), he screams AT THE TOP OF HIS TINY BUT MIGHTY lungs to communicate that they are not Mom, ergo they are not allowed to touch him.  I admit that I go to his rescue too much so I basically taught him to do this for my attention but it’s just not wonderful.  He is going on 17 months and refuses to even stand up, let alone walk.  Both my other boys walked at 16 months, which I thought was late.  Auggie will probably be crawling his way right into nursery.  I have also taught him this because I cannot help but hold him all the time.  So he has no motivation.  The kids loves to snuggle me, so he figures why mess with a good thing.  I will say, though, it’s fun to have at least one of my babies obsessed with me.  Not that my other babies don’t adore me, they are just at stages of toddlerhood where they wrestle each other and cause trouble together more than team up to mind their mommy together.

Charlie John, the cute little stink!  He may be driving me insane right in this moment but he’s actually had a pretty great month.  He up and decided one morning that he was done with diapers and just potty trained himself!  That is the best gift any of my children could ever give me and so far I’m two for two!  James potty trained himself, too, back in the day.  Guess if you wait long enough peer pressure starts to parent your children.  My very favorite Charlie story ever took place this month and regards Charlie’s potty trainingness.  I have to preface the story by explaining Charlie’s vocabulary these days.  He has started to add “ness” on the end of words for whatever reason.  For example, instead of saying something like, “Mom, it’s wet.” he will say, “Mom, it has wetness!”  So instead of saying “there is pee in my undies” he says, “My undies have peeness (say it fast, you’ll get it).”  Now for the story:  We were driving home from the store and all the sudden, Charlie’s nature called and he was starting to panic.  I told him, “Charlie, keep it in your tummy!  Squeeze your tummy really tight and it’ll keep the peepins in your tumtum!”  I saw his little face tense up with concentration and he paused for a moment before he exclaimed in the highest little voice, “MOM! I THINK THE PEENESS IS SNEAKING THROUGH MY SQUEEZENESS!!”  Mic drop.  Another favorite Charlie story:  James got a tummy bug and was puking all day.  Every time he was heaving over a garbage can, Charlie would gently remind him, “You got it buddy.” 

James has been extra rambunctious lately (hello October through December…) but is just such a great kid.  He got sick a few weeks ago, as previously mentioned, and OH THE DRAMA WHEN HE IS SICK.  It’s actually kind of entertaining.  The moans, the groans, the “I am the sickest boy in the whole wide world”s.  Have you seen the man cold commercial?  That.  In all honesty, though, he actually gets it from me.  I’m not a very good sick person.  But all the drama that is James Henrie he inherited from his mama, I admit.  I have been in denial my whole life about the degree of drama in my personality and raising James has really opened my eyes.  He’s also just the most loving and understanding boy, though.  He basically just feels very deeply, every emotion, and wears his heart on his sleeve. I admire his compassion.  That he inherited from his dad.  Also a noteworthy story: He rarely eats what I make for dinner but one night he took a bite and exclaimed, “WE HAVE A WINNER!”  Too bad I don’t remember what I made that night!