Halloweening at it’s best, 2016

To say the boyz love Halloween just doesn’t do enough describing.  I think part of the obsession stems from being scared of everything so trying to own Halloween by embodying every scary creature you’ve ever thought of so that you are above the fear.  Or so that scary things will then be scared of you.  Not sure what the child psychology is but my babes are obsessed with Halloween.  I love it and all but I’m not a fan of the decor.  But it is full of family fun, so I really do love it.  Above is a picture of the babies trick or treating in Downtown Los Altos earlier in the day.  They got a ton of candy and it took a lot of pressure off that evening since they already had a huge stash.  Not that it matters because the Switch Witch comes on Halloween night anyway and switches out their candy for a new toy.  But still, the thrill of it all is quintessential little boy.

This costume has gotten a lot of mileage.  We wore it when James was a tiny, too!  You can see Auggie loved it.

It’s like he’s touching me to see if I’m real ^.

And, of course, we went a little deeper with the face paint for the actual Halloween Night festivities.  James has had an obsession with werewolves ever since he met his new buddy at school named Wolfie.  We were trying to save money this year and go with costumes in our stash instead of buying new ones, but  knew James would be over the full moon if we figured out a way to get him a werewolf costume.  I ended up finding some fur fabric on major sale and made his costume out of a Batman pattern and adding a few extra things and James’ gratitude put me over the full moon too.  He was so proud to be dressed up as a real werewolf.

It’s not Halloween in our house unless Batman makes some sort of cameo.  But Charlie has been obsessed with cheetahs lately, so he was so excited to get a genuine cheetah costume for his birthday from Grammy and Gramps!  He also felt like putting on the costume turned him into the real thing, which makes it a good thing that the costume came with little paw gloves to cover up his scratching fingernails.  Charlie had a great time with James.  He kept calling trick or treating “Halloweening,” as in “Mom, let’s go out Halloweening now!” So of course that’s our favorite verb now.

And now for a lot of pictures that look completely the same to anyone other than a mother, but that, to me, show little glimpses of different layers of my babies’ personalities that I want to remember forever so I couldn’t pick just one.

This ^ was from that one time Auggie and I starred in that silent picture.

AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaand we may already be rocking out to Christmas music… #Thanksgivingwhat