2016 Headshot Project: October

Auggie is at the best stage!  Mainly because he’s finally sleeping through the night, but for lots of other reasons, too.  He copies words, sais, “Hi, Dad” when JW walks in the door from work, climbs like a mountain goat and knows how to safely dismount the couch, has the most wonderous little bucky teethies and is getting more.  He still shows no interest in walking, let alone standing, and we don’t care one little bit.  He’s our little forever babe and we just love The Gugs more than liiiiiiiife.

Charlie is just precious when he is precious.  His threenager-ness isn’t horrible and he will melt you with his juicy kisses.  He fell off the couch during an epic bouncing sesh and his head landed on the metal track of the sliding door and had to get a staple in his head.  He was pretty proud of that staple and the idea of having a Frankenstein head just in time for Halloween.  The ER doc mentioned how he’d never met a kid Charlie’s age who was so brave and composed when getting staples in their head.  I told him, “He’s brave, alright.  That’s why we are here right now!”  He’s quite the curious little monkey these days and ponders upon the deep questions of existence, like “Why does eating a lot of cookies make you sick” and “Do spiders poop?”

James is a sweet talker if ever there was one.  One night he really liked the dinner I made and exclaimed, “Mom!  You are like an angel who has fallen from heaven!”  He has quite the obsessive personality and goes through phases of things he’s fixated on.  This month’s flavor: werewolves.  And I will be happy if I never heard the phrase,  “I actually can’t because I’m a real werewolf” again.  He’s also been obsessed with drawing and has created some real masterpieces.  This is special to me because art was my best subject in preschool, too (as opposed to recess, which was the only other subject).  And there was a short-lived phase of being obsessed with General Conference and having what he called “General Conference Parties” every night.  I’m pretty sure they were just a way he could manipulate us into staying up later.  If we resisted them at all he would look at us with welled-up eyes and a quivery lip and quietly ask, “but if we don’t have a general conference party tonight, how will I learn about Jesus?”  A few Jamesisms that are worth recording from October: 1) John had been gone on a week-long biz trip and had promised to bring the boys a souvenir when he got back.  The night before he got home James said to me, “Mom, I know what my souvenir will be!”  I replied, “Honey, we don’t get to pick our souvenirs, Dad just brings us a surprise.”  Then he clarified, “No, Mom, DAD will be my souvenir!” 2) We were meeting with the Bishop of our new ward as a family in a sort of get-to-know-us-in-15-min type meeting.  Each member of the fam intorduced themselves and said something they’d want the Bishop to know about them.  When it was James’ turn he talked about how much he loved werewolves, legos and drawing.  Then the Bishop asked, “Is there anything else you’d like me to know about you?”  James thought for a moment and then responded, “Well, I really like Jesus.”