Don’t tell James, but sometimes we have fun without him while he’s at school.  Yes, we miss him and feel bad that he feels like he misses out, but I gotta give my other babies childhoods too!  So off to the pumpkin patch we went last week.

All these clothes were James’ when he was tiny and I’m freaking out…^

Charlie went in a little haunted house and we had to take a picture because James never would have believed it otherwise.  Charlie is definitely my bravest son older than three.

Pure boy joy, I tell you.

Charlie is so good with Auggie.  He’s rough and tumble and usually pretending to be something in between a t rex or a cheetah, but as soon as Auggie is around Charlie turns on his highest, most gentle little voice and tenders his baby brother all the way.

“Charlie, put your hand like this so I can take a picture for Instagram.”

Love all the fall colors in the Bay currently.  And love my babies in them!!


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