Happy Birthday, Choo Choo!

Charlie, you are such a happy, sweet, funny little man!  I feel bad around your birthday because by the time your’s comes around I am all birthday’ed out by James and Auggie’s birthdays and you just get the leftovers of my creativity and enthusiasm.  But you are still SO GRATEFUL all the time and never even notice that you get store bought cakes and reused decorations.  This year all you wanted was to go to your favorite park on your birthday.  We didn’t even have a friend party this year (which I have cried about more than once, but it just never worked out around our move and new budget…) but you never complained ONCE.  I’m getting choked up just writing this.  You teach me so much about gratitude and joy in simplicity and forgiveness and happiness.  You, Charlie, are the birthday present to everyone else.  You will always and forever be God’s gift to me, my little miracle boy.