2016 Headshot Project: September

A headshot and update of each of our babies every month of the year 2016.

Auggie!! He remains such a joy, despite some health issues this past month.  That’s not to say he isn’t in pain and is never grumpy about it, but he still brings us such joy.  He has some tummy issues, especially now that he has officially finished nursing.  Whenever he has to number two he will go stiff as a steel beam in the plank position and scream his head off.  It is the saddest thing ever.  We’ve got him on the Miralax and that helps.  He’s also been teething, for reals this time.  As in, he finally popped his first tooth out (see that little nub up there on the bottom?) and is working on three others at once.  He shows no interest in learning to stand on his own but I’m thrilled.  I hope he stays a baby as long as I need him to.  He’s got all sorts of opinions and mumbles and grumbles in casual conversation with himself like an old grumpy man .  This stage is amazing in every way, I tell you.

Our scrappy little Choo Choo!  Where do I even begin….we celebrated our dude turning three in September and I can honestly say I’ve never met a more thankful kid in my life.  His Aunt Mary threw a little surprise birthday party for him and he was running around giving everyone huge hugs and almost crying with gratitude.  He’s very animated in his thanksgiving and it’s probably my very favorite thing about him.  That and the fact that he’s taken up snort laughing.  Sure, he can be as naughty and sassy as you can imagine, but he is also as sweet as honey.  Aunt Mary helped me realize that the naughty/sassy Charlie is just the three-year old Charlie, but the sweet/grateful Charlie is the true Charlie.  And he’s so funny!  At the party, when he saw that he was getting a cake, he knew we would have to light the candles so he exclaimed  with the most intensity, “Bring out the fire, guys!!”  Another little thing I want to remember about him right now is how he defiantly exclaims, “I’M MAM!” (I am!) whenever I tell him to do something he’s already doing.  And he’s currently obsessed with cheetahs, cranes and dinosaurs.

And then there’s Jameser.  Or J.J., as we call him.  When I was filling out his school form, there was a space for your child’s nickname, so of course I put J.J., but I didn’t realize that what it was asking for was what they should call your child if it’s different than his given name (I’m Jessica but go by Jessi, for example).  He’s never gone by J.J. outside of the family but now a lot of the kids call him it at school and I absolutely love it.  It feels like everyone treats him like he’s their special little buddy, even though they don’t know any different.  He’s absolutely loving school, every day he says it was the best day of his life.  He misses his best buddy Rolfie, who is in Kindergarten now and lives “far away” now that we’ve moved (5 minutes away), but he’s making great, true friends at school.  We definitely feel like we’ve made the right decision in prioritizing this school experience.  And James is as dreamy as every.  Whenever something tastes delicious to him he exclaims, “This tastes like a miracle!” And when we went to a burger place a few weeks ago, there was a section on the kid menu where it asked you to write your favorite burger down and he asked, “How do you spell ‘McDouble’?”  It cracked me up.  And there was one time in the month (one of many times) that I was so stressed out by the mess my kids had made.  I was huffing and puffing around, tidying up, grumbling under my breath, “You guys don’t even care!  You don’t even care that you mess stuff up and wait around for me to clean it!”  Then a few moments later I saw James with a rag, scrubbing the floor.  He paused and looked at me for a second and said so earnestly, “I care, Mom.”  It was so tender.  He also made a store where he was selling some of his toys to Charlie that he named “Jesus’ Heaven Store.”  I couldn’t figure out why he chose that name other than the fact that he just really loves Jesus.