Labor Day leisure 2016

My baby brother (who is literally a foot taller than me) and his wifey and baby moved to Stanford!!!  And our parents drove the moving van out and made a weekend of it!  It was over Labor Day weekend and it was so fun to all be together.  We took it easy most of the weekend but on Monday we decided to head to the water for some wholesome recreational activity.

I will cherish this picture of my dad and I forever because it perfectly depicts my adorable mother’s lack of technological knowledge with her finger covering half the picture.  If you know my mom, you know why this picture is special to me, hahaha.

My precious little babe with my worthy little husband.

Me and my mumsie.  Yes, we are twins.

It’ll be a sad day when these two decide lip kisses for brothers are grody.  For now, give me all the lip kissing baby brothers!!!!

So posey, hahaha.

John got a nice little leg workout it.

My mom and dad, still in love like newlyweds after 37 years of marriage. #goals, literally.

I am so grateful for my incredible angel parents and they way they raised me.  I truly had such a magical childhood.  Their teachings have given me more confidence as a mother and in raising boys than I ever would have had otherwise.  They are the salt of the earth and some of God’s greatests.  Miss them every day but so grateful to live in such an alluring place! #comevacationinthebay

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