2016 Headshot Project: August

A headshot and update of each of our babies every month of the year 2016.

Still love him!  And in other news: he turned ONE in August!  He still seems so Tiny to me, which is such a gift.  He’s squishy and snuggly and giggly, especially at bedtime.  We are starting to ween him off nursing and he has taken to the bottle pretty seamlessly.  This means John gets to put him down to bed now and it is so special for them!  They have fun together.  Gugs doesn’t have any teeth yet but has been teething up a storm the last few days and it has been miserable.  He whimpers all night long, it breaks my heart. He’s getting into copying sounds and trying to say the words we say.  Our latest trick is copying evil laughs, it is a hoot!  Little evil Auggie, there is nothing better.  He also stops and twerks the second he hears a beat, no matter what he is doing (read: nursing.).  He’ll just look off into the distance like a hunting dog and drop it like it’s hot.  He also loves to bark at birds.  Because that’s just what ya do when you see a bird, obviously.  His hair is getting longer and curlier but is reading more like Doc Brown than curly q, and we love him even more for that.

Oh, Choo Choo, my precious little sociopath!  He can make threats and sass so cute and funny, but don’t tell him I told you that.  Really, though, he takes bossiness to a whole new level.  And then just as equally, he will melt you to goop with his sweetness and compliments and thoughtfulness.  He’s kind beyond his years and also villainous beyond his years, hahahaha.  He keeps us on our toes and we are so obsessed with him!  He’s learning and growing so much and has some of the most fun quirks of any almost-three year old you could meet.  He loves to keep chewed up food in his mouth for hours, he sings to Auggie in the sweetest, highest little voice any time he thinks Auggie is in distress, he sasses me with violent threats if he doesn’t get his way (he’s started to pull back, though, and say, “Mom, I won’t punch you.  I’ll hug you.”), and one of the first things he asks whenever we get in the car is,  “Mom? Will you turn on some rock and roll?”

James is at an amazing stage.  He’s at school every day and is absolutely loving it.  Every day on the way home he’ll exclaim, “That was the best day of my life!”  It is such confirmation that turning our plans upside down to let him stay at this school and in this school district was the right choice.  He is such a grateful, tender little soul.  He always thinks of ways he can try to make me happy, even if he’d rather not do them (like eat specific foods—he’ll choke it down without complaint and then tell me later he did it for me!).  He loves to wear his dad’s t-shirts to bed every night (I swear I used to do that like yesterday!), loves on his brothers all the time (almost too fiercely at times–he has cute aggression and can get a little too squeezy with things he thinks are adorable).  He loved watching the Olympics in July and would watch events in his sports jersey.  After flipping through a few of the events over the course of about an hour, he exclaimed, “I love the olympics! It’s all about sports!”  It was like a light went on, haha.  He loves to learn and loves to play so hard and always calls for “family hugs” and always talks about Jesus and things of eternal significance.  He really is as amazing as he sounds!!