silver lining

If you’d asked me last week how we were faring after having left our little paradise of Stanford Family Housing I would have probably broken down and started crying.  That’s not to say we aren’t being very well taken care of right now.  We are so blessed to have amazingly supportive and generous family in the area who have taken us in for a few months until our new place becomes vacant at the end of September.  They have not only opened their gorgeous home to us, but they have also agreed to put up with our noise levels and cluttering talents.  

But, oh, how amazing it was to live at Escondido Village on Stanford Campus.  There is no place like it on the earth.  It is safe, communal, perfect for little children, the easiest place to make friends from all over the world (both for kids and adults), so comfortable, so easy to connect with people on a daily basis….. it felt more like home than anywhere we’ve ever lived in our marriage.  And we just miss it.

But little did I know that leaving Escondido Village would be the very thing that would heal the pain of having to leave it.

Now that we aren’t surrounded by little kids all day long, James and Charlie’s friendship has exploded in all the best ways!  They have been getting along so well and have the brothership I would wish for them and their little hearts.  Their love for each other is the silver lining of having to leave our piece of heaven and our friends.  It has helped me have a better attitude about being semi-homeless right now, it has helped me get closure with our time at Stanford and it has given me the peace I need in moving forward into the unknown with our little family.  Yes they are still so loud and still such naughty little boys, but they do it all hand in hand now instead of against each other.  And yes I miss the adult connections that were so easily available at our last place, but now I am blessed with the need to be deliberate and intentional in all my relationships.  So change is scary, of course, but it works itself out if you keep pushing forward with the ones you love and love you.  And love each other, thankfully!