Our “Yellow House” Tour

We moved out of Stanford Family Housing this past weekend and are just so sad.  That place, Escondido Village, is pretty magical.  Charlie called it our “yellow house” but it was really more of a tan/cream color.  And even though we only lived there for two years, it was more home than anywhere we’ve ever lived.  And we want to remember it forever, so here are pictures of the little details that made these walls our special temple. …

(Sorry, I couldn’t pick which one of those^ very similar shots I liked the most, so they all got a feature!)

the kitchen:

the dining room:

the living room:

the entry and stairs:

the master bedroom:

the patio:

and, the home’s crowning jewel, the nursery:

We will forever cherish our time at EV and always remember the special opportunity Stanford was for our little family.  Luckily we are only moving up the street but know that it just won’t and can’t be the same.  We will love our new home and we are so grateful to just be together, but Escondido Village really is a little heaven on earth and we are so profoundly aware that we are blessed that it has been a part of our story.