Gugs turns one! Lot’s of pics and the vid of all vids…

Remember this little Tiny??

He’s one! He’s one!

We celebrated him for a about a week straight, from cake smash photo shoots to family outings to a little party with a handful of our closest friends.  We missed those of you who couldn’t make it!!

You’d think he would have double-fisted that crap since I purposefully kept him from eating any cake before his first birthday…

But–nope.  He about harfed up a lung.  Refer to video below…

This is definitely not how I feel about chocolate cake, unless it’s getting taken away from me.  Or when JW eats the last piece without warning me and I go to eat it and it’s not there…..

^running away from the evil cake…

We made it up to him the next day (his actual birthday) and took him to get frozen yogurt.  You can see he was a little more receptive.

Auggie obvious ain’t scared a no ghost.

(Los Altos Hills downtown is ADORABLE.)

a few more pre-trauma of the cake smash/gag

And then a few days later we celebrated him with a few of our close friends at the park.  Everyone brought their own picnic dinners and then we had some cheese boards and desserts for everyone.

This babe is life and we love him almost too much.  This has literally been the best year of our lives!  Happy birthday, you blesser, you! 

(Here is the video incase you missed it on Insta🙂

And here are just a few favorites from Auggie’s first year of life:

auggie 1 auggie 2auggie 3