Back to School Festival 2016-2017

James started school today so we had our annual back to school festival last night!  I make a big feast of specially-requested food, we introduce a scripture theme for the year, the boys get father’s blessings and of course they get a new fancy hat!  Even though James is the only one starting school we make sure to include all the babies and make it a big family affair.  James requested elbow mac and cheese and meatballs and after his first bite he exclaimed, “I thought it would taste better…”.  Can’t win them all, I guess.  Charlie snarfed it all, though.

Aaaaaaaaand then the bees came.  James has some ptsd about bees (he’s been stung a lot before) so we moved the party inside.  I was bummed to leave the cute set up I had worked on, but you can really see the fear in James’ face up there.  And don’t worry, I asked him if I could put this picture online:).

Bee shield.

Our theme for the year, picked by John!  I don’t have my desktop with Photoshop on it right now so I had to free hand it.  I’m no calligrapher, but it’ll do.

Unappetizing pictures of our spread.

James picked out these ready-to-bake Michelangelo sugar cookies, hahaha.  They weren’t half bad, actually!

These three are such joys!!

This one turns one next week.  WHAT.

James was blessed to develop bravery and be a true friend.

Charlie was blessed to know how important he is in our family.

Auggie was blessed to grow healthy and strong.

I love these boys and I love building unity through traditions like this.  They may not appreciate it fully right now but I know the efforts aren’t wasted.  At least they know we do stuff together, that’s just our thing.  I know they’ll eventually live for stuff like this.  And then they’ll become teenagers….