Happy Birthday James!!


James turned five!  He is amazing and we adore him!

This year we had his birthday party at a shallow fountain on Stanford Campus that everyone uses as a wading pool/splash pad park.  Luckily the geology department cleaned up their kegger party spick and span from the night before. We had the whole place to ourselves for the most part, it was perfect!

Karate choppin’ since 2011.


We had sack dinners for the babies, dessert for the parents, and of course a big ol’ cake for James.  He loved every bit of it and even commented on little details in my decorating efforts and expressed gratitude for them, it meant so much to me!  All this time I have felt like I decorate the parties more for me and my creativity than for my kids who could really care less, but James cared and it made me happyyyyyyy!!


In their sack dinners we had peanut butter and jellies (James’ favorite, of course), potato chips, a gogurt and a little bottle of bubbles.  It was cute and super simple and the kids loved it!

Auggie was a dream the whole time and loved watching all the big kids.

Carmalitas and fruit pizza for the moms and dads (and the wandering baby hand, as depicted).

Of course the highlight of the party was the water, though.  Made my job easy peasy.

He told me to take this picture, haha.

James has such great friends and we are so blessed to have them and their families in our lives!  Happy birthday to my best James, my forever baby!