Class of 2016, y’all!

I mean, logically, I guess I always assumed this day would come but I never really believed it would!  I could never see ourselves over this hump.  Seven years of schooling will make you a skeptic, I guess!  

But it really came and he’s really done and and I really can’t believe it! It was such a beautiful weekend full of family and ceremonies (I think Ken Burns is going to vote for Trump…) and celebration and so much pride in belonging to John.

We tried to get some photos at graduation but the light was so harsh for the most part so we went back the next evening and got some family photos around campus to keep forever.  We will never forget this place and our time here.  It’s such a part of our hearts and our story.  John always works so hard and has given us such a beautiful, sacred life together.  And I do truly feel our time here at Stanford has been sacred.

John’s family, doting on their boy!^

John’s boys, doting on their dad!^

That ^ my friends, is the face of a man who just finished seven years of school (and isn’t a doctor!)!! #tiredeyes

What the heck now??