Fathers’ Day 2016

I like to joke that this guy is all mine, but really, his babies own him.

Unfortunately I found out very last minute that Fathers’ Day was actually a week earlier than I thought it was, so I had to scurry and throw a few things together that I would have preferred to have spent a lot more time on.  Fathers’ Day is a bigger deal to my heart than John’s birthday and I think months in advance about what we will do and give him on that special day.  So I was a little deflated when I realized a few of my plans were not going to happen because I didn’t give myself enough time to prepare.  John loved how the day unfolded, though, and was so grateful that I made efforts.  It turned out to be a lovely day, but if only I had known that I didn’t have that extra week!!

It seems like each year there’s another baby added!

The boys decorated the gift wrap as part of their contribution.  James also helped me mallet the chicken and Charlie retrieved the presents, one at a time.  Very helpful dudes.

Our spread.  I got ambitious and tried a new recipe for Fathers’ Day.  I should’ve just made something I know John loves, but this turned out pretty good.  I would’ve liked it to have been a tad more something, but I can’t put my finger on it.  It really was delicious, though, especially the mashed potatoes, so I’ll try to provide the recipe soon.  


So grateful for such a doting, hands-on, kind and exemplary father for my tender little babies who are trying their hardest to grow up and be good men.  John, you deserve the honor of Fathers’ Day.