2016 Headshot Project: May

A headshot and update of each of our babies every month of the year 2016.

Sweet baby August is as juicy and squishy and heavenly as ever.  He’s crawling and learning to tolerate his brothers’ hands-on brothering style and loves to snuggle and kiss and sing and will copy sounds and, honestly, I can’t think of anything better in this world than this boy.  He’s nine months old and his favorite foods are me, asparagus spears, and pretty much everything, actually.  If you are having a bad day, come on over for some Auggie therapy and you’ll remember how beautiful the world is.

I picked this picture of Charlie for this month because he still looks little in it to me.  He’s gotten so big so fast and it’s pulling at my heart desperately.  Charlie is the quintessential little boy.  He’s rough and tumble, loud, growly, sassy, athletic, moody, so funny! and my little joy boy.  The other day, out of nowhere, he tells me, “Mom? I like your pointy bits.”  If the stars are aligned and he is satisfied with how everything is going for him then he is the sweetest little baby boy ever.  He’s a little brute on the playground these days, but his friends are teaching him what they are willing to tolerate, as babies always do.  He loves to chat with John or me in his bed at night and always asks how our day was.  He’s wanting to be independent and we have found that giving him lots of options empowers him to make big boy choices.  We’ve also found that life is better in every way the more we baby him.  He feels more secure and I feel happier in our relationship not trying to fight him into being a “big boy’.  And it means more years of snuggling with him, getting big juicy lip locks, and enjoying my baby boy at such a precious stage.  He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, putting the last puzzle piece in, saying family prayers, avocado, sugar in any form, James and babies.

James is such a good boy.  He wants to know what is right so he can do it.  He is still a mischievous little boy in many wonderful ways, but his heart is mature in a way that makes him the perfect big brother and the perfect oldest child for us to raise.  He was supposed to bring his favorite toy to school the other week and he wanted to bring Charlie until Gramma Jac sent him a little toy in the mail, then he decided to bring that.  But Charlie really is his favorite thing to play with.  Maybe because he likes to try to control him?  Charlie can definitely handle himself, though, so really, they just love to be together.  James’ best friend outside of his family is named Rolfie.  They are a special friendship.  Rolfie is good for James in that he helps James problem solve and explore new fun things.  James is good for Rolfie in that he is fiercely loyal to him and loves his ideas.  James loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Skylanders (even though he doesn’t really know what they are), cracking eggs, puzzles, trying to make people laugh and Jesus.