a mom weekend.

JW had to head to Utah last weekend at the last minute and I was determined to show my babies a great time even though they were missing the fun parent.  We started the weekend off with a trip to the ol’ Olive Garden and it set the whole weekend up for success.  The boys were absolutely amazing, I looked so good, lemme tell yas.  And then on Saturday the boys didn’t even wake me up in the morning!  I woke up and went in and checked on them, thinking they were sleeping in, but there they were in their room playing together and letting Mama rest.  It was like they knew I needed to be fully rested since Dad was gone.  The way these boys take care of me raises me up in a way nothing else does.  Their daddy has taught them well and to think of the kind of husbands they will be one day gets me all sorts of sap.

Then on Saturday we started off with a quick trip to the beach, then the park, then to McDonalds for a happy meal (obviously) and then later to the fountains on Stanford Campus (aka our own little splash pad park!) and the boys were full speed all day!  I will remember that day as a major mom-win and with such a grateful heart that I can cultivate such joy for my boys.  This is what I’ve wanted ever since I was a little girl laughing and playing with my mom every time she surprised-checked-out all of us from school and went to a movie or Jungle Gym Playland in the middle of the day.  She’s always been my #momgoals

We’re so glad to have Dad back with us and so happy to be home from a month-long vacation and back to normal life with each other.  It’s been amazing but we’re ready for life again in our cute little home in the Bay and in each others’ arms.

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