2016 Headshot Project: April

A headshot and update of each of our babies every month of the year 2016.

August Jacob is eight whole months old!  He’s definitely transitioning from his chill, snuggly infant personality to a bouncing, jiggly, opinionated baby personality (it’s going to be a long 10 months until he’s old enough for nursery at church!). He’s rocking on his hands and knees hard and could start taking crawling steps any day now! Seriously, any day now, Auggie!  Just kidding, I don’t mind an immobile baby, you just take your sweet time, Shoog.  He’s regressed to his newborn sleeping schedule thanks to teething and a cold, but he remains pleasant and happy through it all.  Even at 3:00 am, ha! He has followed suit and is a teenser just like his older brothers, coming in under the 5th percentile on all fronts.  I feel like my babies staying little for a little longer than other babies is just a little tender mercy from a loving Heavenly Father who knows I really don’t like change!

Charlie John, you little stud!!  We’ve figured out how to avoid tantrums, for the most part, and this kid is just as sweet as honey.  I am often stressed in the morning, trying to get out the door on time so James doesn’t have to get a late pass at school (which is the regular) and all on a pre-Diet Coke mom brain and he will sense this and out of nowhere say, “Mom? You’re beautiful.”  He’s my Diet Coke.  Until I actually get my Diet Coke… But Charlie is such a joy and I just can’t soak him up enough!  When two years old isn’t hard, it’s the absolute BEST. 

OH, Jameser boy, you noble and kind leader.  I feel like I’m too hard on you.  You are bursting with Good and Truth and I need to be better at letting you show it on your own before I step in and try to unnecessarily squeeze it out prematurely.  I don’t even think I’m explaining myself, all I mean is that I should just get out of your way.  I think I’m there just to hep you remember things you already know.  You’re silliness is so fun, your obsession with the song “Everybody Dance Now” is so fun, your new fascination with bugs is so fun, your protectiveness of your brothers is so fun, you’re just amazing.