2016 Headshot Project: March

A headshot and update of each of our babies every month of the year 2016.

Auggie is seven months old and is heavener than ever.  In fact, we call him the Pope baby because of his calming presence and the way you just feel blessed when looking into his eyes.  He is officially a world traveler and did absolutely amazingly on our trip to Ireland. His nicknames are Auggie, GusGus, Googs, GooGoo, Gugsie, and Sweetie Pwecious.  He is a complete joy.

Charlie is as two as ever. He can throw a hello of a tantrum one moment and then can melt your heart to buttuh the next.  He introduces me to everybody, “This is my friend, Mommy!” His catch phrases are “I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!” “Talk nice, Mom.” and “Can I watch a show?” all in his signature high Charlie voice. He is a complete joy.

James is as wise as ever.  We are sorting out his hearing/tubes problems and he is having a much better time at school.  He has many talents, but the most noteworthy is his brothering.  This kid is the most crazy insanely incredible big brother.  I was quietly watching James and Charlie playing this morning and, without them knowing I was observing, James wrapped his arms around Charlie, rested his big brother head on the top of Charlie’s and whispered, “Charlie, I’ll never leave you.”  He is a protector, a healer, a leader and teacher in our family and wants to make choices that would “make Jesus happy,” in his words.  James is a complete joy.