secret park (plus a video)

The weather is changing and the days are getting a little longer here in the Bay and that means eating outside for practically every meal!  Which also means a lot more entertaining at our house (we have no space for dinner parties inside, but our patio can host ten!).  This all also means picnics picnics picnics.  Last Spring we started our weekly picnic project in hopes to spend more time with John in spite of his busy schedule.  We’d pack up a picnic, meet him somewhere on campus between classes and enjoy a half our or so together in the amazing sunshine until he had to head back to the lab. We tried to do it each week and it really helped us feel closely knit through a rough patch of being a grad student and a grad student’s family.  His schedule isn’t as demanding anymore, but our project has forever put a special place for picnics in our hearts, and we still try to have them regularly.  Enter: our secret park!

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On Sunday John suggested we take our Sunday family dinner to a secret park he found with the boys a few months ago.  I have to admit, I didn’t have the best attitude about it at first.  I was having a crazy sinus headache and didn’t feel like hiking up this little hill with a stroller and huge picnic basket and then we couldn’t find parking very close and blah blah blah. I was trying to be a team player, though, because I could see how excited John was about having this park be a special place for our family. And once we got up that hill and I saw our new special little park all secluded and magical as the sun was setting, my heart settled and I felt so much peace and gratitude. 

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Anyway, all this is just to say that it was a lovely little evening with my lovely little family.  Quality family time may take some effort and may take some attitude adjustments once in a while, but once you can allow that into your heart and embrace that it’s all worth it, you’ll discover that it really is.  And that is when you feel the heavens.

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Here’s a little family video of our time at our cute secret park: