Busy Bubbers Series: Scripture Pictures!

For the past little while I have been working on a passion project that I wanted to share with you all.  As a mother to young boys I have felt the urgency to do my best with John to cultivate a home of faith and fortitude against a world that mocks our values and throws spirituality and belief in anything more than ourselves to the wolves.  We believe in Jesus Christ! We believe in angels! We believe in miracles! And I want my boys to know that those things are real for them as they face choices each day to either nurture their seeds of faith or to disregard God’s Hand in their precious lives.  To help our boys grow a love for spiritual things, I have felt impressed to illustrate specific scripture passages so that our boys could begin to read God’s word at their tender ages of four and two.  I have done a handful now and the boys have absolutely loved it!  It starts out as a little game for them as they figure out what words the illustrations represent and then they say it every night for a few weeks and we all memorize them together.  Charlie will take a small tag line from the scripture and memorize that, and James can remember the whole thing with only a little help here and there.  Now that I’ve built up a little collection, I thought I’d share them here for you all.  People have told me I should sell these on Etsy but I just don’t feel right about it.  I feel like maybe a small part of my mission on earth is to spread our love of the scriptures to parents and babies in a way that is fun for every age, even if it is to just the few of you who still read our blog.  Scriptures should be free for everyone, so my little illustrations will be.  *update: I am so happy to have these little pictures fill the homes of anyone who is interested!  However, please do not duplicate them for anything other than home and family teaching.  I am happy to send you a larger file via email for bigger prints for things like primary, but I will have to charge a small fee of $3 per scripture for my time. Payments will be exchanged through Paypal.  Thank you for your support and understanding!  This was a hard decision to make, but after seeing the time it takes away from spending with my babies, I have concluded this is what needs to happen if I am doing custom sizing.  I will be adding new printables here as often as I make them and will post on Instagram and our Facebook page when this collection is updated so that you can add to yours.  I’m working on the LDS Primary schedule for the year and will be posting each month’s scripture a few weeks before the new month starts, so keep looking back! I love you all and hope you enjoy these scripture pictures as much as we have! (click on each link below to print off your own scripture pictures:)

2 Nephi 27 23 scripture picture

Doc and Cov 76 22 scripture picture 

John 14 15 scripture picture

Moroni 10 32 scripture picture

Mosiah 2 17 scripture picture

Matthew 7 12 scripture picture

2 Nephi 32 3 scripture picture (January 2016)

Moses 1 39 scripture picture (February 2016)

Doc and Cov 1 38 scripture picture (March 2016)

Articles of Faith 1 3 scripture picture (April 2016)

Jospeh Smith-History 1:17 scripture picture (May 2016)

Article of Faith 1 4 scripture picture (June 2016)

Fam Proc P3 scripture picture (July 2016)

1 Cor 3:16-17 scripture picture (August 2016)

Doc and Cov 133 37 scripture picture (September 2016)

James  1:5 scripture picture (October 2016)

Matt. 22:37 scripture picture (November 2016)

Matt. 16:27  scripture picture (December 2016)



(to be glued in the margin next to the corresponding scripture or printed on clear sticker paper and placed  over the verse it represents)

2016 Primary Outline scripture sticker page

2016 Primary Outline scripture sticker page, light



Plan of Salvation scripture picture

Pledge of Allegiance picture