Busy Bubbers: free printable Valentines for your babies!

I love Valentine’s Day!  Charlie is now getting to an age where he can understand and appreciate the excitement that comes with holidays, and I wanted him to be able to feel the magic of personalizing Valentines for his people this year. I thought maybe I’d have him color a picture for each of his grandparents and friends, but then I realized I, in fact, have two other children and I don’t have the time to sit with him and make sure he keeps the crayons on the paper for 20 different pictures….  Plus coloring is an activity he does already and I wanted to set apart the activity of personalizing his Valentines.  So this baby was born!  I already had some cute brushes in my Photoshop arsenal and was able to whip it up pretty quickly, but I like the simplicity in the look and message anyway.  If you do, too, and if you like the idea of your tiny babies personalizing their Valentines, please feel free to use these!  The download link is at the bottom of the post.

A kiss for each Valentine^

He’s such a little lover^

Hope you are enjoying this fun season with those you love!

click here to download a sheet of these Valentines for your personal use: kiss valentine