2016 Headshot Project: January

A headshot and update of each of our babies every month of the year 2016.

August Jacob is A.MAZE.ING. !!!! We are all obsessed with him. He’s five months old, rolls everywhere, has rolls everywhere, smiles at everything, nurses exclusively, has blonde hairs sprouting, is super chill unless he wants something, still wakes up 1-2 times a night, laughs his head off whenever we change his clothes, sits in his big boy high chair now, loves to stare at the invisible angels who are protecting him, is starting to really appreciate how funny James is with him, and tolerates Charlie clobbering him all day long….. When he smiles his eyes turn into magical rainbows and his cheeks become big pots of gold at the end of them.  He couldn’t possibly be more angelic.

Charlie John is a little boss at 2 and a half.  He loves to laugh and he loves to whine.  He loves to be independent and do things by himself.  His favorite time of the day is “Brother Time” when James snuggles with him in his bed and tells him stories and sings him songs to help him fall asleep for a nap.  He talks really well but we still have a hard time understanding some of what he says.  You never have to wonder what kind of mood he’s in because he will suck you right in with him, for better or worse.  He loves his dad more than life.  He loves running almost as much.  His little run looks so athletic, I can’t pinpoint why.  Maybe it’s the way he swings his arms?  He also thinks if he swings his arms fast it means he’s actually going fast, so sometimes he’ll just be walking but swinging his arms super fast and assume he’s running like the wind.  He loves sippies and doing shadow puppets on the ceiling at bedtime and anything James does or says.  His voice is so cute and high and sweet, unless he’s in whine mode and then it’s like adorable little nails on a chalkboard.  Charlie pretty much owns us.

Jameser D. is a noble and trustworthy leader for his brothers at 4 and a half.  He’s obsessed with Harry Potter and Star Wars, but most of all Pokemon.  He insists we call him “Ash” (the main Pokemon trainer) and will often ignore us until we address him as such.  He trades cards with his courtyard buddies all the time, but really none of us have any clue how to play the card game.  Or really the whole point to Pokemon.  But we love it anyway.  He’s very independent and helps Mom a lot by getting Charlie sippies, putting him down for naps, sorting laundry and having general pleasant temperaments.  He tries to do what is right all the time and only forgets to a little here and there.  He adores his brothers, lets Charlie beat him up too much, gets August laughing like no one else can, tells his mom she’s beautiful, and wants to be just like his dad.